DIY Chandelier Earrings

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Chandelier earrings are timeless! If you love jewelry as much as I do, this tutorial is perfect for you! Learn how to make the most stunning and elegant pair of chandelier earrings. There is no doubt that you will get tons of use out of these magnificent earrings!

Tools and materials:

  • Czech seed beads 10/0
  • Crystal beads 6mm
  • Silver soft wire 0.4mm
  • Earring hooks
  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • Pliers
Silver chandelier earrings

Cut wire 

To begin, cut a piece of wire 57cm (22 inches). 

Lids on a seed bead

Create the beaded element 

First, slide a seed bead onto the wire. Then do the same with a crystal. You will need 5 seed beads with five crystals in between. 

Make a loop

Slide all 10 beads to the middle of the wire. Then take one side of the wire and slide it through the last crystal bead to make a loop.

DIY chandelier earrings

Once you have created that loop, take the piece of wire on the right and slide on a seed bead and then a crystal, another seed bead, and then a crystal. Do the same with the wire on the left, only this time add an extra seed bead on the end. 

Slide the left wire

Take the piece of wire on the left, thread it through the crystal bead on the right side and pull. 

Add more beads

Time to add more beads! With the wire now on the right side add a seed bead, a crystal, a seed bead, and another crystal. On the left side do the same but add another seed bead at the end. 

Repeat the process

Once again, take the left wire and thread it through the last crystal on the right and pull. Repeat this beading process one more time. 

Hide the wire

Hide and cut the wire 

Now it’s time to hide and cut the wire. On the one side, thread the wire through the last seed bead and crystal. 

Thread around itself

Thread the wire around itself three times at this point. Use your pliers to help you pull tight but be as gentle as possible so as not to damage the wire. 

How to make chandelier earrings

Use your pliers to then cut that end of the wire. 

Do the same on the other side

Do the same with the other end of the wire. Start by sliding it through a seed bead and crystal. Then thread it around itself three times and cut. 

Use a pin

Make a center bead 

Before attaching the chains, create the center bead by putting one crystal on a pin. Bend the wire with round nose pliers. Then cut off some of the wire with pliers. Pick up your round nose pliers and create a small loop of wire. 

Open a jump ring

Add on the chains 

Next, take a jump ring and open it. Place a long chain on the ring, then a shorter one, and then another long one. 

Add on a clasp

Also, add the clasp to the jump ring. Once everything is on, close the jump ring. 

Easy chandelier earrings

It’s time to attach the beaded element to the chain. First, open the small chain.

Close the chain

Attach the beads 

Attach the single crystal bead and close the chain.  

Attach the beaded element

Take another two jump rings, open them up and attach them on either side of the beaded element. Then attach each side to one of the two chains. 

Crystal chandelier earrings

There you have it! Your beautiful chandelier earrings are ready! I would love to know what color beads you would use for this DIY accessory! Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Czech seed beads 10/0
  • Crystal beads 6mm
  • Silver soft wire 0.4mm
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