Create a Carrot Charm With Clay

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by Laura Kelly Designs
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I am not sure what it is about this springtime arriving, but I have a new found passion for all things carrot. I have thought this through and I am pretty sure it is the combination of orange and green that makes me pretty happy! I decided to create a carrot charm with Sculpey clay and I am pretty thrilled to say that it came out super fun.

Here is what you will need.

Sculpey Clay

Clay Tools

Metal Bead Core

Twine or Chain

Oven for Baking

Here is what you do.

Roll a small orange piece of clay into a cone shape. Rolling the clay is super easy just put it on a table and use your palm to roll.

Then grab a small piece of green clay to make the carrot top. An easy way to achieve this look is create a ball then use the sharp point of your tool to create the indents on the top and then pinch them into leaf shapes.

Press a bead core into each side of the carrot.

Here is what it looks like before it gets baked.

Follow the baking instructions that come in the package to get the best results.

Once the carrot is cool, add a chain (or twine) through the holes to make it wearable.

I love the Bake Shop clay because it is easy to use when I work with my kids and the colors are bright and vivid.

Ta Da!

Happy Creating and Cheers to Carrots Lovers Everywhere,


  • Sculpey Clay
  • Clay Bead Cores
  • Clay Tools
  • Chain
Suggested materials:
  • Polymer Clay   (Sculpey)
  • Clay Bead Cores   (Sculpey)

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