Easily Make Gorgeous Epoxy Clay Crystal Jewelry

Johnnie L
by Johnnie L

I went to CHA 2014 in Anaheim California, where epoxy clay jewelry was all the rage. I didn’t see what was so great about it, or why I would use it instead of polymer clay. It took me almost two years to get on board. Now I am a full fledge fanatic. The stuff is wonderful for embedding crystals and other small embellishments, since it is a strong adhesive. No glue is necessary, nor does it need to go in the oven. Once you mix the two parts, it starts to set and cures on its own without heat. Today I am sharing these gorgeous, blingy earring and pendant sets! My friend created hers and has zero experience with jewelry making or clay of any kind. They came out beautifully, proving no prior knowledge is necessary!


  • Epoxy Jewelry Clay (we used Silver Crystal Clay)
  • Beeswax coated toothpick (comes with Crystal Clay Kit) or my favorite tool for picking up small beads and embellishments, Crystal Katana
  • Crystal Chatons or flat backed Swarovski
  • Round Pendant Bezels
  • Ear wire or 20-22 gauge jewelry wire to create your own ear wire
  • Two pair flat nose jewelry pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Rattan cord or other necklace chain
  • Vinyl or latex protective gloves


Mix clay according to instructions, equal parts of the two components and wearing gloves.

Fill bezel flush with top.

Add crystals in desired design with tool.

Once cured (overnight) add ear wires with jewelry pliers and add chain or cord to pendant.

Don’t they look so complicated, fancy and expensive?! Well, they aren’t. Your dog could probably make them.

I have gotten so many compliments already!

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Johnnie L
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