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Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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Make a stunning gift for your Valentine! In today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how to make the most gorgeous heart earrings. Whether you want to wear the pair to celebrate Valentine’s day or you want to gift them to a loved one, this DIY is simple and will leave you with a pair of heart earrings in no time.

DIY heart earrings

Tools and materials:

Thread on the button

Thread on the heart button 

First, I used the flush cutters to cut 15 inches of wire. I folded the wire in half and thread the two ends through the heart button. I pulled the heart button down to the middle of the wire, making sure that each side of the wire coming through the buttonholes was equal. 

Repeat on the other side

Next, I grabbed one side of the wire and ran it back through the opposite hole. I repeated this on the other side as well so that the wires were coming out the front. 

How to make heart earrings

I turned the button over so that the wires were at the back. I took one side, crossed it over, and fed it through the opposite hole. I did the same on the other side. I then repeated the step on both sides. I made sure to pull the wire nice and tight. 

How to make DIY heart earrings

I turned the button again so that the wires were in the front. I took one side and fed it through the next door hole. I had one wire in the front and one in the back. 

Twist the wires

I pulled both wires toward the top and carefully twisted them about 6 times. 

Heart earrings for Valentine’s Day

Add beading 

Next, I grabbed one of the little hex nuts and thread it into the wire. This helped cover up the twists. 

Heart-shaped earrings

I then thread on a large-holed bead cap. 

Valentine’s Day heart earrings

Next, I added my Czech glass bead and then a second bead cap and a little hex nut. 

Bend the wire

I then took my chain nose pliers and pushed everything down to make sure it was nicely seated and tight. I then used the pliers to bend away. 

Make a loop

Create a loop 

I used my round nose pliers to create a medium-sized loop. 

Easy heart earrings

Add a ring 

I then added a decorative ring to the loop and used my pliers to hold the loop in place as I made a messy wrap with the wire. 

Trim the wire

Trim the wire 

Once I was happy with the wrap, I went ahead and gave the wire a little trim. 

Push in the wire

I used my pliers to gently push in any wire that was sticking out. 

Add the earwire

Next, I added the earwire. I opened it up, like I would a jump ring, and attached it to my earring. All that was left to do was make the second earring! 

Heart dangle earrings

These Cross My Heart Earrings are gorgeous! They would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day! Let me know what you think about this DIY in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
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  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent chain nose pliers
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