Plaidvember Plaid Earrings

Plaid shirts? Check. Plaid skirts? Check. Plaid scarves? Check, check. Plaid jewelry? Uh… well… How do you take that adorable plaid fabric and turn it into some bling?

Enter the fabric-covered button kit- a set of tools both harder and easier to use than expected! Let’s look at the two different designs I purchased.

The first package contained button fronts as well as backings with VERY sturdy metal loops. These loops would be helpful if I needed strong buttons, but I actually wanted to remove those loops! I tried using my best jewelry wire cutters and pliers, but to no avail. You can see how little my efforts affected the button on the right.

Thankfully, the next package contained pieces that were much easier to modify! This design featured a thinner button loop held in place by tension and a small, slotted backing to fit over the top. I pinched the loop with my pliers, compacting the wire enough to removed it from the button.

Fabric selection made, I used the provided pattern to trace and cut circles for button covering. I didn’t even attempt to create circles with identical patterns, as I don’t need that much stress in my life.

Next, I assembled all the pieces to my covered button kit.

Following the package directions, I placed one fabric circle and the button front onto the applicator base.

I used the little blue plunger to push the button cover onto the fabric and into the base.

I tucked the edges of the fabric into the center of the button cover.

I also used the blue plunger to push the backing into the button cover until it snapped into place.

I popped the button out of the base, and voila!

With so much cute fabric, I HAD to make a few more!

Next, I glued post earring backings onto the backs of the buttons and let the glue dry for several hours.

Ta-da! Plaidtastic earrings!

I paired my earrings with a vintage sweater and plaid skirt because why not? It’s Plaidvember!

I felt like a cross between Queen Elizabeth, age 12, and my grandmother in 1959. I’m totally ok with that, too! 

I may have to make more earrings to coordinate with the rest of my plaid collection…

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