Make This Fabulous Chain Necklace in Just 1 Hour

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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Let's make a chunky and funky chain necklace! Who doesn't love a stunning chain necklace that can go really well with numerous outfits? In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a chain necklace that will look amazing and won't hurt the pockets, either. This chain necklace tutorial is the ultimate guide for those who love making jewelry and statement necklaces. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Vegan suede
  • Oval silver rings
  • Round rings
  • 16 gauge jump rings
  • Lobster crabs
  • Ribbon-ends
  • Small jump rings
  • Closed ring
  • Pliers
DIY chain necklace

Open the jump rings

Start by opening up some of the 16 gauge jump rings. To do this, take your chain nose pliers on one side and your bent chain nose pliers on the other and open them up by pulling each end away from each other.

Make a chain necklace

Place one of your long rings and one of your round rings together, and twist the jump ring closed again.

Simple chain necklace

Add another three jump rings between the larger rings, as shown. You could just leave one jump ring, but adding two more gives this easy chain necklace a more professional look. 

Easy chain necklace

Basic chain necklace

Repeat the process by linking three jump rings to the round ring and adding a long ring on the other end. Do this until you have a lovely and neat chain. 

How to make a chain necklace

Make a chain necklace

Add the vegan suede

Cut the vegan suede cord to your desired length. Then, loop it on the last ring of the chain necklace, creating a lovely larks head knot. 

chain necklace tutorial

Run the cord between your fingers until you reach the end. Then, trim off the ends, so you have an even cut. 

Repeat the whole process on the other side and make sure the vegan suede runs across in the same direction as the first end. 


To see how I make the loop, check out my video at 4:44 minutes. 

Finish off the simple chain necklace

Attach a ribbon-end to the ends of the vegan suede cords. Place it over the top and situate it properly before crimping it down in place. 

Determine where you'd like to place your lobster clasp. I prefer attaching mine to the right side since I'm right-handed, and it makes more sense to do it that way. So, open up one of your small jump rings, and run it through the end of the ribbon-end. 

Add a second jump ring, and put your lobster clasp through there. Close the jump ring tightly afterward. 

On the other end of the chain necklace, go ahead and do the same process but this time, add a closed jump ring to finish it all up. 


When adding the small jump rings and the clasp, always make sure to follow the same direction of the chain necklace itself.

Yeah! Your DIY chain necklace is complete. It's classic and oh so charming! Wasn't it easy to make a chain necklace with this tutorial? Thanks for reading, and happy chaining! 

Suggested materials:
  • Vegan suede
  • Oval silver rings
  • Round rings
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