How to Create a Unique Pendant Necklace From Willow Pattern China

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I love the old nostalgic vintage blue willow pattern china as it was around as a child and is so pretty. Breathing new life into old worn out pieces is such a good environmentally friendly recycling project that I couldn’t miss the opportunity when I saw a broken willow pattern plate.

I begin to cut up a central piece from the plate to create the design piece I like. I use wheeled tile nippers and nibble and cut into shape I want. Protective goggles worn.

Cutting china plate

The next step is to drill a hole and sand .

I use a diamond tip drill piece and make the hole by dipping the piece and tip in cool water to prevent it getting too hot. Patience is needed to drill though gently and wearing safety goggles is a must.

Drilling a hole

The piece now is smoothed and sanded with the hand held carbide stone and gradually turning it around to be the shape and smoothness I require. This bit takes some time and I recommend wearing a face and nose mask to prevent dust inhalation .

Smooth edges
Sanding edges

Finally when all is looking round and lovely, I thread a piece of faux suede black cord I to the hole which I have cut the right length for my neck.

Its instantly wearable and such a gorgeous vintage china one of a kind pendant.

Willow pattern china pendant
Willow pattern china pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Hand held mini sander   (Amazon)
  • Faux suede cord   (Amazon)

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