How to Make a Vintage Ceramic Pendant Necklace

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
1 Hour

I am always looking for unique pieces to

wear and recycling is important to stop filling up the planet with rubbish and throw away items so this when I can across some old vintage broken china crockery I thought here’s my chance to transform and recycle into a beautiful keepsake .

Broken crockery

I decide on a few pieces that I can cut to size with my wheeled tile nippers . These make it easy to snip and chip at the ceramic and remember to wear safety eye goggles.

Cutting ceramic

I then use a mini hand drill with a sanding stone attachment. This sands smooth edges on the ceramic piece .


Next it’s time to drill a little hole all the way through into the ceramic ready to put a silver bail to thread the silver chain into.

Drilling into ceramic

The little hole is slow process with making sure to keep the top wet to stop burning.I drill in for a count of five and rest out for five seconds. When the hole is drilled through it’s quick dry and then

attach the silver bail. I squeeze it tight into the hole with pair of pliers ready for the chain thread through.

Add bail

I’m so pleased with the result! A gorgeous Carlton ware ceramic red design pendant that is preserving a piece of history and so unique!

Carlton ware pendant
Carlton ware pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Pattern crockery   (Amazon)
  • Wheeled tile nippers   (Amazon)
  • Mini hand drill   (Amazon)

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Susan Goode
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