Bohemian Jewelry Tutorial Featuring Leather Necklace Knots

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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I’ve been making and teaching how to make jewelry for a very long time, and I’m going to show you today how simple it can be to make a bohemian leather cord adjustable knotted necklace with colored pearls and a beautiful stone focal.

Tools and materials:

  • 42 inches of 1.5mm leather
  • Silicone slider
  • Labradorite stone
  • Large-hole pearls
  • Barrel knot tube
  • Cutters or scissors
  • Glue (optional)
Place the stone in the center

Place the stone on the cord

I pulled the leather cord through the hole in the stone and moved the stone down until it was resting in the center of the cord.

How to make a leather necklace knot

Make barrel knots

I clasped the bit of cord that was right next to the stone in my left hand, to mark where I wanted my barrel knot to end up. Then, I placed my barrel knot tube in that spot, and wrapped the cord around it three times, moving down the tube towards my left hand. 

Insert the cord into the tube

Then, holding the tube with the cord wrapped around it in my right hand, I inserted the end of the cord into the left side of the tube.

Remove the tube

Once the cord poked out the other side of the tube, I removed the tube, while holding the wrapped cord securely in my left hand. 

Pull the cord

I pulled the end of the cord to secure the knot.

Leather cord necklace sliding knot

Finally, I tightened and adjusted the knot.

Leather necklace knot tutorial

Make another barrel knot

Using the same steps, I created a second barrel knot on the opposite side of the stone. I ensured that the knots were laying fairly close to the stone, and holding it in place on the cord.

Place the pearls

Place the pearls

Next, I added a pearl to one side of the necklace.

Make a barrel knot

Create another barrel knot.

I made another barrel knot above the pearl.

Leather cord knots for necklaces

Add another pearl and make another knot

I added a second pearl and secured it in place with a barrel knot above it. 

Beautiful knotted leather necklace

Repeat for the second side

I added two more pearls with a barrel knot after each one to the second side of the necklace. 

Trim the ends

Measure the ends

Next, I measured the ends of the cord against each other and used a cutting tool to remove any excess cord and make the ends even with each other. 

Add the clasp

 Add the clasp

I inserted one end of the cord into the silicone slider.

Trim the cord if necessary

To insert the second cord into the silicone slider, I needed to cut the end at an angle to create a point.

Insert the second cord into the clasp

Once the end was narrow enough to fit through the hole of the slider, I pushed it through in the opposite direction from the first cord. 

Leather necklace sliding knots

Measure how long you want the necklace to be

I tried on the necklace to decide how long I wanted it to be, and if I needed to trim the ends of the cord further. When trying on your necklace, be sure that you leave enough room to get the necklace over your head with the clasp still in place. 

Knot the ends

Knot the ends

Using my barrel knot tube, I made a knot on either end of the cord.

Trim the excess

Trim any excess cord

My final step was to trim the very ends of the cord. I recommend applying some glue to the knots, as well, to make sure they’re completely secured.


Completed necklaces

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and you use it to create beautiful leather jewelry. If you make a necklace like this one, please show me your results. 

Suggested materials:
  • Leather cord
  • Silicone slider
  • Labradorite stone
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  • Lorraine Lorraine on Oct 12, 2021

    Very pretty but It doesn’t explain how to make a barrel knot so how can someone make it?

  • Robin Shane Robin Shane on Oct 13, 2021

    So that’s how it’s done. This is the simplest tutorial for this type of knot I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much.