11 Quick Lipstick Tips for Beginners Every Makeup Lover Needs to Know

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Are you looking for lipstick tips for beginners? You’ve come to the right place! In this lipstick hacks tutorial, I’ll show you everything you need to know about lipstick application. From doing the perfect cupid’s bow lip liner to tips for wearing lipstick that lasts throughout the day, I have the lowdown for you.

Page down to get 11 incredible lipstick tips. So, grab your favorite lipsticks, and let’s do this tutorial together!

Tools and materials:

  • Lipbalm
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip liner
  • Shimmer eyeshadow
  • Nude lipstick
  • Tissue
  • Concealer
  • Toothbrush
  • Brush
Using lip balm to prep lips

1. Prep your lip

This is one of the best tips to apply matte lipstick; prep your lips before! Using a good lip balm is a must.

Exfoliating lips with a toothbrush

Apply a generous amount of lip balm for moisture and go over it with a toothbrush. This hack will help remove any dead skin on the lips.

Using concealer on lips

2. Conceal your lips

If you have pigmented or have dark lips, add a little concealer to wash away the dark undertone. 

Blending the concealer with a brush

Blend the concealer on your lips with a brush. 

Tips for applying lipstick perfectly

As you can see, it does the job, and now I have a cleaner canvas to work on! My lipstick will come out much more vibrant and cleaner with this amazing lipstick hack. 

Drawing an "X" to get the perfect cupid's bow

3. Make a cupid’s bow

To get that perfect cupid’s bow, take your favorite lip liner and draw an “X” right on the center of your upper lip, as shown. Make sure each line touches your cupid’s bow diagonally. 

Applying lip liner to create a cupid's bow

Then, connect the dip of the “X” to the rest of your lips. 

How to do cupid's bow lip liner

Proceed to outline your bottom lip, and fill in the rest of your lips. 

Tips for wearing lipstick

There you go, you have a perfect cupid’s bow! Easy, right? 

How to apply liquid lipstick

4. Applying liquid lipstick

This is one of my favorite lipstick hacks! Whenever you’re applying liquid lipstick, make sure to use the tip of the applicator to outline your lips first.

Filling in lips with liquid lipstick

Then, go ahead and fill in the rest of your lips with the flat side.

Lipstick tips for liquid lipstick

Voila, you should now have perfectly shaped lips! 

How to fix lipstick

5. Fix uneven lines

Oh, darn! Have an uneven line? No problem, go ahead and fix it with a little concealer. Use a small brush for this step to ensure precision. 

Using a concealer pencil to correct lipstick

Also, you can take it one step further and use a concealer pencil. 

Mixing shades of lipstick

6. Put your nude shades to good use

We all have those nude lipsticks that really can’t be applied on their own. However, nude lipsticks make for some wonderful makeup hacks. Apply it over any bright or dark-colored lipstick to wash out the intensity of the vibrant lipstick and create a new shade.

Blotting lipstick with a tissue

7. Mattify your lips

Want to go for a matte look? You can easily mattify your lips by placing a clean tissue over your lips like so. 

Tips to apply matte lipstick

Next, take some loose powder and dab that over your lips and the tissue, as shown. 

How to make a lipstick matte

This amazing trick will not only mattify your lips but make them super long-lasting and resistant. 

How to stop getting lipstick on your teeth

8. Avoid teeth mishaps

Don’t you hate it when your fresh lipstick paints your teeth, too? Well, this is a great lipstick tip and works like magic! Simply take your clean index finger, and suck on it, as shown.

Easy lipstick tips for beginners

This will remove excess lipstick from the inner rim of your lips. 

Applying shimmer to the cupid's bow

9. Plump up your lips with shimmery eyeshadow

To make your lips look plump and full, apply some shimmery white eyeshadow to your cupid's bow. Use a makeup brush for this step for easier application. 

Applying shimmer to the bottom lip

Then, apply a little shimmer to the center of your bottom lip. 

How to make lips look fuller

Next, take a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it directly below your bottom lip. This will create a lovely dimension that enhances your lips instantly! I love this hack as it gives off a grand illusion of plumper, fuller lips. 

Blotting lipstick with a tissue

10. Reapply when needed

If you’re not getting the exact shade of lipstick you want, simply blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the same lipstick. 

Lipstick hacks every woman should know

This simple hack will really bring out the pigments of the lipstick. 

Applying a lighter color in the lip center

11. Create a gradient effect

To add more dimension and a gradient effect, add a lighter shade of lipstick on the center of your lips. This hack works exceptionally well with darker shades of lipstick.

Simple lipstick tips, tricks, and hacks

There you go, a lovely gradient effect! I love this.  

Lipstick tips for beginners

Lipstick tips for beginners tutorial

Now you’ve learned these 11 quick lipstick tips, you have all the hacks you need for applying lipstick perfectly. Let me know which was your favorite lipstick tip in the comments, or share your own!

Suggested materials:
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  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
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  • Marlene Marlene on Jun 25, 2022

    I really enjoyed your tutorial. Learned some great tips.

  • Julie Julie on Sep 21, 2022

    I very much enjoyed these tutorials. However, I would like to see tips for your lips from someone who has thin lips like so many people. Obviously, this model has gorgeous lips and looks terrific with or without lipstick! My thin lips, on the other hand, need help! 💄 😊