How to Style a Sweatshirt - 10 Stylish Ways

Sweatshirts serve the purpose of keeping you warm and comfy. But, they can look boring. In this basic sweatshirt style tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can style a sweatshirt and look amazing! Say goodbye to boring and say hello to stylish! You will probably have most of these clothing items in your closet, so no need to go buy the whole store! Are you ready to see my style guide?

Sweatshirt style

Look 1

Throw on a flowy, short dress and wear your sweater on top. Next, wear a matching colored belt around your waist and cinch it. Pull out some of the fabric from the sweatshirt from the top and let it fold over the belt a little. I wore cute cowboy boots to finish off the look. Doesn’t this look adorable?

Styling a sweatshirt

Look 2

Keeping to skirts, I wore a dark brown corduroy pencil skirt. Any color or style that you have will work, too. Now for the fun trick- I wore a long sports bra and tucked the sweatshirt underneath, into my sport’s bra. This helps create less bulk and kind of compliments your body shape. I paired this look with some white lace-up boots. I wore white boots so that it gives the entire outfit an extra pop of color.

Basic sweatshirt style

Look 3

The third look is to pair a sweatshirt with printed pants. I put on these lovely and comfy corduroy stretch pants. I also love the pretty, intricate pattern on these. If you have any kind of printed pattern, this look should still work. To finish off the look, do a slight front tuck in the front of your pants and roll up your sleeves a little for a relaxed feel. I paired this outfit with brown, peep-toe heels. 

Easy sweatshirt style

Look 4

This is an interesting look! Simply pair your sweatshirt with an overall dress or denim skirt. It’s simple and casual, and I love how the layers make a nice combination. Here, I wore a pair of black boots to give it an extra statement. 

Women’s sweatshirt

Look 5

This outfit is definitely for all the comfy jogger fans. Pair your sweatshirt with a pair of joggers. I got mine from American Eagle, in the men’s section. Again, I tucked my sweatshirt in and under my long sports bra so that my waist is accentuated. I wanted a more daring look, So I paired this outfit with some black booty heels.

Women’s sweatshirt style

Look 6

Wearing the same jogger outfit, create a downright casual vibe by changing the shoes. Feel free to wear a pair of your favorite sneakers. Here I wore my trusted white sneakers. This is totally more sporty (and comfy). 

Denim and white sweatshirt

Look 7

This is a great, on-the-go outfit. It’s like a last-minute look if you’re not sure what to wear. Here I wore my favorite pair of jeans, as I think jeans go great with anything. Next, wear a long white t-shirt and wear your sweatshirt on top. Don’t you just love the layers here? It gives an extra dimension to your sweatshirt and creates an interesting style. I paired this with multi-colored sneakers for some extra color.

Cute pink heels & sweatshirt

Look 8

This look is simple, but the choice of shoe is what creates an interesting outfit. Wear your sweatshirt with any type of denim, tuck your sweatshirt into your long sports bra to show off your waistline. Now the fun part is picking out your shoes! I opted for cute, pink heels. I love how the heels give an amazing pop of color to the otherwise basic outfit. 

Boots with sweatshirt

If you’re in the middle of autumn or winter season, then ditch the heels and pair your denim with your favorite boots. 

Checkered pants & sweatshirt

Look 9

Here, I am wearing a white turtleneck and my trusty white sweatshirt on top. Again, I gave some ‘life’ to the sweatshirt by tucking it in and under my long sports bra. Next, I paired it with an interesting printed pant; a checkered gingham pattern. I finished off this fun look with some Timberland boots. 

Skirt with sweatshirt

Look 10

This outfit is all about the layers and I love the result. Simply wear your sweatshirt with a pencil skirt of your choice. Next, tuck your sweatshirt under your sports bra and wear a cute oversized t-shirt on top. Tuck your t-shirt into your skirt, so that you take away any bulkiness. I paired this look with some cute sandals that have fun neon colors that will surely make a great statement! 

Now, you will never look at a basic sweatshirt in a boring way again! These looks are fun, simple, and really stylish. Next time you want to give your sweatshirt an upgrade, then be sure to take some inspiration from my easy sweatshirt style guide. 

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