How to Style Sweatpants in Monochrome

Shawnaci Schroeder
by Shawnaci Schroeder

This style tutorial is all about how to wear sweatpants. I get questions all the time about how to wear them and how to make them look chic and cute but also be comfortable at the same time. I’ve pulled together some looks to show you how I like to wear sweatpants, and I’ll be giving you some tips along the way. In case you didn’t know already, I’m a huge fan of monochrome and basically wear it the whole time, so all of my looks are in monochrome.

Easy sweatpants outfits

Outfit 1

This first outfit is one that I wear pretty much all the time because I love turtlenecks. To turn a turtleneck into a cropped top, I just roll it underneath my bra. You definitely need structure in sweatpants outfits, so I’m wearing this with a blazer. I love blazers like this that have a little bit of movement and are not too stiff. I’ve added some cute sneakers; they dress down the outfit so that it doesn’t look too formal.

Basic sweatpants outfits

Outfit 2

This next look is probably one that many people have in their closet, it’s just a huge oversized sweater that’s super cozy and snuggly, and I’m wearing it with a pair of sweatpants. On top, I’ve got a really cute coat. I feel that adding a pattern to an all-gray outfit makes it look chic. The shoulder pads of the coat also add some structure to the outfit, which contrasts nicely with the bagginess of the sweater. I’ve also got on some booties, which will add some dimension to my look. I want to look really tall when wearing this outfit, and these booties definitely do that. I’ve also thrown on this adorable scarf and a black bag. The square bag also adds dimension and structure to the outfit. Having structure in the outfit ensures that you don’t look slouchy or like you just rolled out of bed.

Stylish sweatpants outfits

Outfit 3

I love wearing a cute cropped hoodie with sweatpants. I’ve paired it with this fuzzy sherpa jacket and then a scarf. I’m all about wearing monochromatic looks. I think that monochromatic looks make sweatpants look pulled together and not just a casual outfit. Then I’ve added some booties, and I’ve rolled over the bottoms of the sweatpants; this touch is really important as it almost makes them look like regular pants. The cute YSL bag just ties the whole look together. You can make this look more casual by taking off the scarf and switching the booties for sneakers.

How to style sweatpants

Outfit 4

This is another all-gray look. I think that this hoodie looks cute tucked in. I’ve thrown on a blazer that has a lot of structure, but it is a different color to the top and bottoms, so it’s not completely monochromatic, but it still has a good gray tone. This is such a chic look; I love a blazer on top of a hoodie. I’ve thrown on some black boots, I think they look really good, and they add the structure that I need to this sweatpant look. I’ve also got a cute little cow print bag. The black in the bag looks goes perfectly with the black boots.

As you can see, I am a bit obsessed with wearing sweatpants, and I’ve learned how to style them so I don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed! Sweatpants outfits are all about layering, and that’s why I’ve layered every single look. Remember, creating structure in your looks will make you look debonair.

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