Layering Idea: How to Wear a Camisole Extender

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

Do you love to layer and pile on different colors, textures, patterns to create different looks? I discovered a priceless little layering item called a camisole extender. This wardrobe must-have is a thin camisole top with either tank top or spaghetti straps and a lace panel extension at the bottom. This extension is designed to stick out under your top and be used to either give a too-short top some extra length or add another layer to your outfit.

I love the camisole extender because you can use it to add more interest to your outfit or a fun pop of color and texture.

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Here are some ways to wear a camisole extender.

Under A Basic Top of Pop of Color and Texture

My burgundy-colored camisole extender works great under a basic long sleeve t-shirt. It adds a pop of contrasting color, and I had a scarf that matched to tie in the color pop on the top and bottom of the shirt. By using a scarf with a pattern with the extender with lace, the mix of textures adds lots of interest and style to an otherwise plain outfit of a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans.

Under a Top In the Same Color

You can create a fun monochromatic look (pieces in the same color or color family) by matching your camisole extender to a top of the same color. I paired a burgundy sweater with my burgundy extender to give a fun peek of lace at the bottom. You also wear an extender with leggings to create a tunic effect and add some coverage to the hip and bottom area.

Under a Shirt That’s Too Small

Have you ever put one of your favorite pieces of clothing in the dryer and found that it shrank? I hate when that happens! But now, you can keep your beloved item and keep wearing it by adding a camisole extender underneath. This gives it extra length where it may have shrunk up on you. Here’s an example with one of my favorite t-shirts, which shrank to almost a baby-doll tee that I didn’t feel comfortable wearing. With the lace extension, it keeps my mid-section from peeking out under the t-shirt and adds coverage in back when I sit down. My favorite tee is back in business!

Now that you know how to wear a camisole extender, will you try one?

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