How to Apply Gel Nail Extensions Step-by-Step

by RoseDIY13
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If you’ve never applied nail extension gel before then, in this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to apply gel nail extensions step-by-step.

Nail extension gel is a great way to make your nails longer while also giving them a natural-looking finish. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Alcohol pad
  • Nail dehydrator
  • Nail primer
  • Nail extension gel
  • Spatula
  • Nail pen
  • UV light
  • Nail file
  • Top coat
Wiping nails clean

1. Wipe nails clean

Start by wiping your nails clean with an alcohol pad.

Applying nail dehydrator

2. Apply nail dehydrator

Next, apply a nail dehydrator and let your nails air dry for 30 seconds.

Applying nail primer

3. Apply nail primer

Now apply a nail primer and then let your nails air dry for a minute.

Applying nail extension gel

4. Apply nail extension gel

Pick up some nail extension gel with a spatula and apply it to your nail.

Applying nail extension gel

5. Mold it onto nail

Now, use a nail pen to mold the gel onto your nail. You want to get it right down to the edges and the bottom of your nail.

Make sure you’re very precise with this step.

Applying nail extension gel

6. Repeat

Repeat the same process on your other nails.

Curing nails

7. Cure nails

Once you’ve done all of your nails, cure them under a UV light for one minute (per hand).

Filing nails

8. File and buff nails

Now file and buff your nails.

Wiping nails

9. Apply top coat

The final step is to wipe your nails and apply a top coat.

DIY nail extension gels

DIY nail extension gels

Here are the finished nails with the nail extension gel.

The gel has added length to the nails, and because it's quite thick, it's very durable, much more so than applying fake nails, in my opinion.

The light pink color of the nail gel also creates a really natural-looking finish.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and you’ll give the technique a go for yourself!

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Suggested materials:
  • Alcohol pad
  • Nail dehydrator
  • Nail primer
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