Natural Clove Lip Plumper Oil & Diy Plumping Lipstick

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Hello everyone.

If you would like fresh looking pouty lips this could be for you, or a friend?

Ive tried it, and it made my lips feel much softer and fuller

I made a fast acting lip plumper with MCT coconut oil with clove essential oil as a enhancer for lips.

Also if you have a lipstick that you have had lieing around a while, don't throw it away make it into a plumping lipstick givein it a new perpose.

All you will need is below to make both.

*MCT coconut oil

* lipstick

*clove oil essential oil

*measure spoons

* clean tub ( for your lip plumping oil )

*lip brush

So I will brake this lipstick and melt it down

I like this shade.

Such a shame to waste it by putting in the bin.

I broke it up into a plastick tub

Melting it in the microwave two 30secs intervals melted it just fine.

Like below

As I intent on using this daily I only put 1 drop of clove essential oil in this mix any more could burn your lips if using daily

I mixed it well with a spoon and put it aside while I made my lip plumping oil.

Below I use 1 table spoon if MCT coconut oil as my carrier it as so many benefits. Mostly organic.

To meny to name. :)

In your clean airtight tub pour in your mct coconut oil

Add 5 drops of clove essential oil.

Please do a skin test before you use this.

The oil is ready.

This will last for two weeks in the fridge.

How to use-

With the brush below dab the oil on your lips leave on for 10/15 mins and wash it off.

Your lips will be more fuller.

The magic lip plumper.

Is so easy to make

Now back to the plumping lipstick

It got a but messy but it was worth it

Filling the lipstick back up.

Smells much better.

I added 1 drop of clove to all of this mix for lipstick as I intend on using this daily.

The spoon made it easy to fill the lip stick holder back up.

I placed it in the fridge to set.

It came out like so.

My oil below

This is very effective natural lip plumper oil.

Very pleased with how this dose actually work.

use the brush and dab the oil all over the lips before washing it off.

The plumping lipstick and lip plumping oil.

The lipstick can be worn daily. And will instantly plump lips.

The oil is a more effective way and the results can be seen as soon as you clean your lips.

Clove balm plumper for lips can cost £16 from Amazon.

MCT coconut oil is organic and as meny purposes.

Clove as antifungal antiviral and antiseptic benefits.

Especially good for cracked lips.

This oil will make your lips seem fuller naturally without harsh chemicals it will boost blood flow and moisture to your lips.

I hope you try this and see just how easy it is to make a lip plumper at home

And if you have a lipstick make it into a plumping lipstick your colour of choice saving lots of money.


So meny plumpers that dont work out there.

Hope you enjoyed this?

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  • MCT   (Amazon)
  • Lipstick   (Avon)

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