Ombre Pink and White Nails Tutorial for the Barbie Movie

by RoseDIY13
4 Materials
15 Minutes

The Barbie movie is all the rage at the moment, so, in true spirit, I’ve been doing a lot of pink nail designs recently.

Here, I’m going to show you ombre pink and white nails. If ombre makes you feel a bit nervous, there is no need to be because I am going to show you a super easy technique that absolutely anyone can do.

Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Gel polish
  • UV light
  • Top coat
  • Sponge
Applying base

1. Apply base

Start by applying pink gel polish to your nails as a base. Proceed to cure for a minute.

Applying top coat

2. Apply top coat

Next, apply a matte top coat and then cure.

Applying polish on sponge

3. Apply polish on sponge

Apply pink and white gel polish on the sponge. One color at the bottom and the other at the top.

Stamping nails

4. Stamp on nails

Then stamp the polish on your nails. I find it helpful to hold the sponge with tweezers when I’m stamping.

You want the pink to be on the bottom of your nails and the white to be on the top.

Once done, cure your nails for a minute.

Applying top coat

5. Apply top coat

Finish up by applying a top coat.

Ombre pink and white nails

Ombre pink and white nails

Here are the finished nails. This sponge method was such an easy way to create an ombre design - you can’t go wrong with it.

I also really like the subtle textured effect that the sponge creates. The white and the pink complement each other perfectly, and all in all, this is a great look.

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Suggested materials:
  • Gel polish
  • UV light
  • Top coat
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