Jackets You Need This Season

I think I speak for the majority when I say, " I love to be covered up". For example, even when it is a whopping below -0 degrees out, I still want the ceiling fan on full blast, and about 10 blankets before I am truly at my most optimal temperature.

Now that, that analogy is out of the way, this also pertains to fashion sense. Jackets make outfits, that is the bottom line.

We have seen some pretty trendy one's lately and I can attest that, yes, I have also partook in some of the fast fashion. However, I think that slow fashion is making it's way onto the seen, and I am ready to rock all the "oldies but goodies"

I scoured my closet to put together 3 perfect winter jackets you need, that will take you year after year without breaking the bank.

Each one can be the statement all on their own or a strategic layering piece for any everyday look.

Puffer Magic

Puffers seem 90's throwback but let me tell you, they are cozy. They are truly like the relax/ casual look we all really need when it comes to an uncomplicated, yet, comfortable style.

Outfit Details

Pea Coats

Sophisticated, well yes, yes we are. Pea Coats are so classic! They have already proven they can show up time and time again. They are the epitome of unisex perfection. AND they can be dressed up or down given the occasion.

Outfit Details

Leather Heaven

Now, I just recently dabbled in the leather jacket scene, and why did I not before?! It is a question I ask myself every time I grab for this perfect addition.

Outfit Details

Which style would you grab for this season!? Let me know down in the comment section about what you would love to see in 2022!

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