12 Chic Mix and Match Suit Ideas

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Today, I’m going to show you some mix and match suit ideas.

I love to take a wardrobe staple and show you how to pair it with other things that you already have. I recently bought a navy-blue suit and I think that is a perfect piece to experiment with.

I have always loved black, but when you're older, black can look a bit harsh. Navy can be a much more flattering and sophisticated color. The beauty of suits is that you can wear them together or separately, so there’s a lot to play around with.

Classic look

1. Classic look

Let's start with the classic look, wearing the whole suit.

For this outfit, try wearing a beige satin shirt. This is a very elegant look, and it can work with a white shirt as well.

To accessorize I’m using slingback navy heels, and a beige bag. I think this is really nice for the office or even a formal lunch meeting.


Striped button-down outfit

2. Striped button-down outfit

For the next suit outfit, try using a button-down blue and white striped shirt. The one I’m wearing is very soft and comfortable.

I’m wearing my striped pumps, and a red bag. I really love red with navy. This is also a good look for the office or even just for a nice, elegant lunch.


Fun and colorful look

3. Fun and colorful look

For a bit of fun, pair the suit pants with a colorful satin shirt and colorful shoes.

Again, you could wear this look to the office. It looks elegant, but quite relaxed and fun with a bit of color. You could wear a bright pink bag, or a green or beige bag.


Button-down and red sweater look

4. Button-down and red sweater look

Use a white button-down cotton shirt for the next outfit. Cotton shirts are lovely and crisp. My shirt is quite stiff because it's cotton, but it’s got some stretch to it.

I’m wearing a red sweater over the shirt and pairing it with just the pants. I’m accessorizing with my striped shoes and a red bag.


Striped top look

5. Striped top look

For the next outfit, try a short sleeve striped linen knit shirt to pair with the pants. Dress it down with some sneakers. This is nice and casual, but you still look put together because you're wearing suit pants.

If you wanted to, you could throw the suit jacket on as well to make it a bit fancier.


Simple look

6. Simple look

You can also try just a simple white t-shirt with the suit pants and a different blazer. I put on this longer beige blazer with a pair of sneakers and a beige bag.

It’s a very nice, casual outfit. I love to look nice, but we are going for comfort as well. Hence all the sneakers, flats, and shoes with small heels.


Now, to inject some color, I have put these two outfits together with bright tops and bright shoes. 


Pink look

7. Pink look

For the first of these two looks I’m wearing the suit pants with a pink long sleeve knit and pink shoes.


Green look

8. Green look

The second colorful option is to pair the suit pants with a green sweater and bright green shoes.

Of course, you can always put the jacket on top of it. See which colors you have in your closet to play around with these looks.


Relaxed look

9. Relaxed look

Try wearing your suit pants with a knitted hoodie and white sneakers. If it's cold, you could add a trench coat. I really love navy with tan.


White t-shirt look

10. White t-shirt look

For the next look try wearing the suit pants with a white t-shirt. I would have liked to pair my look with tan pumps or loafers but unfortunately that is something I am missing from my wardrobe.

If you have tan shoes, those would go great with this. I just used some brown leather sandals. Pair the outfit with a tan handbag and a tan belt. You can change this look easily by just changing the shoes. You could put on stripey pumps, or you could wear sneakers.

Blue jeans look

11. Blue jeans look

Another great outfit would be to wear jeans, a white t-shirt and the suit jacket with white sneakers.


White jeans look

12. White jeans look

For the last outfit try pairing straight white jeans with a stripy t-shirt, and the suit jacket. This is more of a summer evening outfit. When you get chilly, you can pop on the jacket.


I hope you like the outfits I put together. I could do so many more, but there is plenty here for you to get started with. T

his just shows you that if you buy something very classic you can make it work with so many different pieces in your wardrobe.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you mix and match your wardrobe staples.

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