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If you are like me, you have a Pinterest board full of outfits you wish were hanging in your closet. While beautiful, some can be a budget breaker. I will show you how I recreated a gorgeous high-end outfit by Victoria Fox for a small fraction of the price.

In the inspiration photo (on the left) Victoria Fox has great taste. Her beautiful YSL purse alone retails for about $1300. There is no info on the pieces to know the prices of the inspiration outfit, but her style is designer, so we know it comes with a hefty price tag.

Starting at the top, I already had the beret. I wear them a lot and was gifted an Amazon set of 12 in different colors for Christmas. I like to buy accessories in bulk colors if possible since it cuts down the cost to almost half in some cases. For this set, each beret is about $3. If you only want to buy a single one eBay has them for about $6 each, Amazon for $10, so you can see there is quite a cost difference in where you purchase items.

The oversized round sunglasses are popular right now. I found them on clearance for $5 at Walmart. They are on eBay for as low as $4. I already had the faux leather gloves, but they are also on eBay and Amazon for around $12. Accessories are inexpensive and can transform an outfit quickly. Thrift stores are also a great resource to find them at great low prices.

The mint green sweater dress was only $12 on It is almost identical to the original ( they are now sold out of it) It's a great dress for the transitional time of March/April where it's still chilly but you want to wear more spring colors.

The belt I have had for several years. The faux croc purse and faux suede Miss Lola boots were both thrifted for $14 each. Never underestimate the power of a nice bag and matching shoes to turn up the class of an outfit. Thrift/consignment stores are a wonderful place to find designer purses for less.

I thrifted this vintage wool coat many years ago, it was such a great find since it has a timeless look. A long wool coat in tan or black will go with almost anything so they are great investment pieces. If you live in a cold weather state you will find many wonderful coats at your local thrift store. Here they run about $12-20. Poshmark and eBay have them between $35-$100 depending on the quality.

Since I already had some of the pieces, my cost to recreate this outfit was $40 for the dress, boots, and purse, all pieces I will use time and time again. If I had to buy everything, head to toe from the places I mentioned it would come in just under$80. Not bad for a designer look. Buying each of these pieces at full retail, not even using designer brands would be closer to the $300-400+ range.

You don't have to spend a lot to look great. Thrifting is more popular than ever right now. It is the "in" thing to do. Grab your Pinterest board and hit your local thrift store, look for similar cuts or colors to recreate your favorite look.

Thanks for reading my post!

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