Shackets - but Make It Seasonal

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Shackets have become one of the newest trends in the past few years and by the looks of it they are here to stay! I am a fan of shackets because they are great for that in between weather when it gets a little colder but not colder enough for a full blown winter jacket. Also, they come in some pretty cute styles! This is a great closet staple for the winter season and is something that I think will be around for quite some time.

Here is a shacket that I love for the winter season because it reminds me of Christmas! The red and black buffalo checked pattern is a Christmas classic and can be worn so easily.

I paired my shacket with a pair of black sightly distressed jeans and a black long sleeve bodysuit that has a turtleneck style. There are so many different ways you can wear this including leggings or a pair of light or dark blue jeans. Any bodysuit or layering shirt would go perfectly underneith this shacket.

Lastly, I chose a pair of black combat boots to complete the look. I like how they are simple style but define the look and give a more rugged vibe to the outfit.

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  • Murielle Sey Murielle Sey on Dec 08, 2022

    Back in the 70's we wore two simple cotton shirts, the first one tucked into our jeans or slacks, the second (outer) over it to create a "jacket." It was a cool, inexpensive way to elevate the look. Just two shirts because no one had come up with the term "shacket" yet. LOL!

  • Peggylu42 Peggylu42 on Dec 08, 2022

    I LOVE THE "SHACKET" that you are modeling, however when you click on the word SHACKET you don't get the one you are wearing...Where did you get yours