DIY Simple Fix to Make Billowy Linen Pants Fit...Almost No-Sew!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
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15 Minutes

I love LINEN! The More Cool and Billowy, the Better....UNTIL...these Classic Black/White Striped Pants started Slipping and Sliding Down...

All the Way Down and Off...Whoops!

Even Cinching In the Drawstring Did Not Help...I wanted the Pants to be Fun and Easy to Wear...and the Price was right...But the comfort-level is now a problem...

Let's Do a Quick Fix to Keep the Pants Up and Fun to Wear...Again!

Step 1: ELASTIC...Measure a Piece to Go Around Your Waist...Pull it in to the Desired Tightness...

1 Inch wide Elastic...Amazon LINK.

Next...FOLD OVER the Waistband...You are Creating a CHANNEL for the New ELASTIC. The Waistband TIES can stay.

Whoops!! The Elastic is Too Wide for the Channel...Let's Try Cutting the Elastic in HALF...

Hmm...A bit Raggedy and Not Pretty, but the Elastic seems to be holding together, so we're good to go to Step 2.

Step 2: Sew the Channel.

Slow and Steady all around the Waistband.

Step 3: Weave the Elastic through the Channel with a PIN...Once through, SEW THE ELASTIC ENDS TOGETHER TO CREATE AN ELASTIC LOOP INSIDE THE NEW CHANNEL.


The Waistband looks a bit Puckered...Let's See the FIT!!


Rock Steady!! Yet, Still Easy and Billowy!

Perfect! And all it took was a Piece of Elastic and a Simple Channel.

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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