Uncuffing My Joggers

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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1 Hour

Hello Readers. I Like joggers but these were not comfortable. Could I remove the elastic and make these joggers into a more simple classic style? Let's try it.

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Before and after.

I liked these light weight joggers. The denim was thin and perfect for warm weather. But the ankles were a bit tight. Could I remove the elastic at the ankles?

I could see the stitches. I thought I could pick them out and have loose ankles.

I used my seam ripper and ripped out stitch after stitch.

The ankle elastic piece came off the pant leg. It was a separate piece that had been sewn to the hem of each pant leg.

The hemline was very wrinkled so I ironed it all out.

I used my serger on the hemline to control fraying. You can use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine instead if you prefer.

After, I turned the serged edge under and stitched it down with a straight stitch to make a hem. This was simple to make the hemline look nicely finished. I used thread for denim so the color match was very good.

The new pant legs (Above right.) felt looser and much more comfortable. This was an easy fix that only took a little while. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Seam Ripper   (Sewing Supply Store)
  • Matching Thread   (Sewing Supply Store)
  • Sewing Machine   (On-hand)

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Chickie W.U.
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