DIY Formal Skirt Transformed to Fun Pants...2 Snips...1 Seam...Done!

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by Doodle T and Me!
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How many occasions do you have to wear a Red Velvet Formal Skirt?...Ho Hum...Sure, the Skirt is Perfect for a Nutcracker Performance, but then it sits pondering the inside of the closet.

I would Love Some Crazy Fun Pants for Paris...Let's Transform this Formal Skirt to Pants...There's Tons of Fabric...Palazzo Pants will be Perfect!

Ready?? Let's Go!!

The Voluminous Red Velvet Skirt...I redid the Elastic Waist so it Stays Up securely in place...but it's Tired and Very Underused...Let's Get Cutting!

The Skirt was sewn with McCall's Pattern 4087...Long, Flowy, Broomstick Style Skirt...The pattern is super easy to sew...only 4 panel pieces and an elastic channel waistband. But it was time for a new, more versatile Pants!

McCall's Broomstick Skirt Pattern 4087 to sew...Amazon LINK.

Similar Red Velvet Formal Skirt to buy...Amazon LINK.

How to Create Fun Crazy Pants from a Formal Skirt...

This Skirt has 4 panels...Easy to Transform into Pants...2 Panels for Each Pant Leg...

Step 1: Measure from the Waist to the Crotch...this Measurement is for the Pant Rise (From Waist to Crotch)...Where the Pant Legs Begin.

Step 2: With the Crotch Measurement, Cut Along the Seam stopping at the Crotch.

Remove the Cut Seam and Throw Away,

Cut Both Center Seams...Stopping at the Crotch...the Cut Seam Pieces should be the Same Length...this way, hopefully, the pant legs will be the same length.


These are the 2 Discarded Seams of the Skirt...Toss.

Step 3: Create French Seams for the Pant Legs. Pin the Leg Seams on the Right Side of the Fabric (Velvet Side Facing Out).

Pin the Leg Seams Up One Leg...Around the Crotch Area...and Down the Other Leg.

You are Ready to Sew...

Step 4: Sew One Long Seam to Create the Pants...

Sew Up One Pant Leg...

Around the Crotch Area...

and Down the Other Pant Leg. One Long Seam.

Here are the New Seams...Done in Black Thread so You Can See it...

Step 5: For French Seams...Trim along the New Seam..Be Careful to Not Cut the Thread...

Now, Flip the Pants to Right Sides Together (Velvet Side Inside)...

Like This...

Step 6: Sew the Pant Seam Again...With the Velvet Sides Inside...

That's It!! The Hem of the New Pants will be the Hem of the Old Skirt...Keeping it Easy!

You're Done!

Crazy Fun Velvet Pants done in a Flash!!!

Super Fun...

So Soft and Easy to Wear...

The Red Velvet Skirt BEFORE...Ready for a Night at The Nutcracker.

Beautiful Drape...Perfect for Formal Wear...But Time for an Effortless, Fun Pants!

The Skirt BEFORE created with McCall's Pattern 4087...Versions B and C...A Broomstick without the pleats...just long and flowy. Simple.

The Skirt BEFORE McCall's Pattern Pieces B and C...Cut 4..Front and Back...Fast and So Easy to Construct.

And the Velvet Skirt AFTER...Now Palazzo Pants...Created WITHOUT a PATTERN...2 Cuts along the Front and Back Skirt Seams.

Easy and Fun to Wear...

Soft, Cozy, and Comfortable...

And So Very Packable...Hello Paris!!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Formal Velvet Skirt - to purchase   (Amazon)
  • McCall's Skirt Pattern 4087 - to sew   (Amazon)
  • Velvet Fabric   (JoAnn's Fabrics)

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  • Kathy Pederson Kathy Pederson on Jan 01, 2023

    Next time show more of the pants and not the black turtleneck.

  • Kassi Kassi on Feb 02, 2023

    Very nice. I love comfortable clothes that look nice! BTW, the photos of your creativity in action are enough to see the slacks in process and completed. Plus it's a good look with the black turtleneck!

    • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Feb 05, 2023

      Hi Kassi - Thank you for your kind words and comments! I'm glad you are enjoying the crazy projects! Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!