Pinsperation Curved Hem Hack!

by Koetiquemade
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5 Hours

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through pinterest or online boutiques for fashion inspiration? Well I do. I find it super thrilling to challenge myself that way. I don’t try to make an exact replica but I do try to capture the same vibe of the fashion that I see. For instance, I kept coming across some wide-legged, curved hemmed, cropped pants. I thought they were super cute, but I just wasn’t willing to pay what they were listed for. So I decided to put my own spin on it and make my own.

Pinspiration Look!

First I needed to find some fabric to copy the pants I liked the most from the online boutique. I really liked the olive and the bleached dyed ones. I found this bleached look denim rayon fabric at Joann’s for about $15/yard. Kind of pricey, but I would only need 2 yards and that was still cheaper than the $68 + shipping I would have paid for the ready to wear pants. Then I found some olive colored, synthetic crinkle woven fabric in the discount fabric bin at Walmart for $2/yard. I’ve tried to find it again but haven’t been able to. So for $34 I was going to make two pairs of pants. It would have cost me over $136 to buy these from the online boutique.

The Pattern I used…

I used a pattern from my stash that had a capri length. The pattern I used is called the Summer Caye and it comes in pants, capris and shorts. It also has a flat front waist which is another reason I used it. You can use whatever woven pattern you have for this little hack.

The “Cliffs notes” Version….

Ok. So here’s the shortened version of what I did to copy these pants. If you need a more detailed version you can check out this youtube Video I made for Love Notions. It will explain it all in great detail.

Rather than alter my pattern at the hem line I made a template as wide as the bottom of the pants and made it 4 inches tall. I then drew in the seam allowance on the outside edge of the template and then used a french curve ruler to curve the outside edge of the hem. I did this for both the front and the back of the pants. Then I made a two inch wide facing piece to finish the hem off. To use the template, I folded up the bottom 4 inches of my patter piece and put the template down on the fabric to cut out. That way I didn’t alter my pattern The Youtube video explains this all in more detail.

I styled them with shirts and shoes that kind of gave the same vibe as my inspiration photos. But I have since worn them with numerous things in my wardrobe. I like that by simply throwing on a cardigan I can take the look from summer to fall.

Have you ever tried to copy fashion you see while scrolling or window shopping? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards woven fabric
  • French curve ruler
  • Coordinating thread
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