Shabby Voile Flower Pin Tutorial

Tutorial time!!!!

As you may noticed on some of the vacation pictures, there is a nice, blue kaftan that I managed to sew just the day before our departure to Skopelos.

In the fabric goodie box that I received from the Art gallery fabrics there were two 2yds pieces of theirs gorgeous voile fabrics.

The first one is: V-114 Fashionable Azure (used for the tiered dress) and the other one is V-118 Branch Silhouette Blue (used for kaftan).

AGF voile is 100% PIMA Cotton, 52/53" (133 cm) wide with a soft, sheer touch and an elegant, lightweight drape that will have you melting away with its exceptional hand. It's just perfect for the garment sewing, especially for the summer projects!!

This first little tutorial is for the shabby flower pin and the following one will be for the kaftan. I decided to separate them, as the flower pin don't need any sewing machine or sewing skills at all, it's an easy crafty project that can be done even with the voile scraps, while the kaftan requires sewing machine.

Shabby voile flower pin tutorial

Needed supplies:

- cotton voile fabric scraps (regular cotton is not appropriate for this project)

I used the gorgeous voile fabrics from Art Gallery fabrics that are great for this project (the quality and the weight are just perfect)

- spray stiffener (optional) - it reduce fraying and helps maintain it's shape

- scissors and/or roller

- piece of stronger thread or cord

- glue gun

- pinback brooch base

For this project you will need about 30 pieces of the 4-5" in length voile strips. The fabric strip should be 1/2 - 7/8" wide. Of course, you can totally customize the lengths, widths and strip numbers, depending on the finished flower size you want.

TIP: You can also use the round pom pom templates and technique to create this flower and in that case, you will just need a few longer fabric strips.

The only "trick" regarding voile is that it's so soft and it's easy to roll and twist between hands and in that way it nicely and easily obtains the rich flowerish shape. You can play with different colours, patterns to obtain really unique flowers. I used even the white selvedges to obtain nice solid, brighter accents.

So, if you have the spray stiffener, spray it onto the fabric before cutting it into a strips, it will help you obtain nice strip shapes, that will not fray easily. If you don't have it, no worries, I haven't used it neither.

Cut the strips into a smaller 4-5" length pieces.

Group the fabric strips.

Using the piece of stronger thread, twist it around the strips to gather and tighten them in the center.

Tie it strongly.

Eventually trim the excess parts and model it with your hands, giving the fluffiness to it.

Now you just need to add the pin back to the flower.

Use the glue gun to add the pin back button over the thread knot.

All done!:)

Now you can use it to embellish the clothes, it can be a great detail!:)

Enjoy and join me for the kaftan tutorial next!

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