Learn How to DIY Three Expensive Street Style Shoes

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I am absolutely obsessed with shoes but a girl’s got to stop buying at some point. When I see new shoe trends I think, would I be able to make this at home? If you love shoes as much as I do and you’re ready to make these fashion show stoppers yourself, then this tutorial is for you. Follow my easy, step by step tutorial below and learn how to DIY three pairs of trendy shoes for under twenty dollars.

Tools and Materials:

  • White platform tennis shoes
  • Hemp
  • Water-resistant spray
  • Fabric glue
  • Black slides
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads
  • Block heel slides
  • Thick fabric
  • Rickrack
DIY custom shoes

Make espadrille tennis shoes

For this first shoe trend, I went out and got myself a pair of these popular, white, platform tennis shoes. You may already have a pair of these sitting at home just waiting to be styled!

Spray the shoes

I just knew that once I had finished making these shoes I would absolutely adore them! I decided to spray them with a water-resistant spray to give them some protection because I used glue, so they can’t go in the wash. 

Braid the hemp

To create a gorgeous pair of espadrille tennis shoes, I started by braiding my hemp. I realized the hemp was a little too thin so I doubled it and braided with six pieces instead of three. I made eight super long braids so that I would have enough to wrap around the platform of my shoe. 

Glue the hemp

I then took my glue and made sure the entire platform of the shoe was covered. I stuck down my eight, beautiful hemp braids and used tape to make sure they would stay in place while the glue dried. 

Add fabric

Once my braids were glued onto the shoe I snipped off the extra end pieces and glued them under a white piece of fabric to give my new espadrille shoes a perfect, unique finish.  

DIY shoe design

Make beaded slides

I had an idea to add beading onto a shoe and these black slides were the perfect blank canvas for me to get creative! 

Draw the pattern

I started by drawing an eye pattern on canvas. I love this pattern and I had an image in my head of the chic look it would have on the shoe. 

Bead the pattern

I started beading onto the canvas. I put three beads on my needle and thread at a time and made sure that when I was beading everything was kept tight and close. I followed my pattern until I had a beautifully finished eye.

DIY beaded shoes

Once my beading was finished, I cut the eye out of the canvas.

Stick the beading

I used fabric glue to stick down my eyes onto the slides. I was careful because I wanted them to be in the same position on each shoe. I love the finished result. These look like high-end slides which can be paired with any outfit!

DIY painted shoes

Create a rickrack style block heel

I love that these shoes have a nineties throwback block heel and I was ready to modernize them by creating a rickrack design. 

Trace the shoe

I started by tracing the top of the shoe onto some thick fabric. I did this because I wanted a double layer to cover up the original braiding of the shoe. If your heel doesn’t have any indentations on the top, don’t worry about having a double layer. 

Cut the fabric

I cut out the fabric and glued it on the top of the shoe. 

Add fabric

I then added another piece of fabric that was bigger and would be able to fold under the top of the shoe. 

Push into the sole

I was then able to pull open the sole of the shoe and push as much fabric in there as possible so that I’d be able to glue it down properly later. 

Add the rickrack

In this next step, I took another piece of fabric and sewed on three of these awesome, colorful rickrack pieces. 

Measure the fabric

I made sure that my rickrack piece of fabric was longer than the fabric I used to wrap around the top of my shoe so that I could create the gorgeous pleating. 

Wrap the fabric

I then wrapped the fabric around the shoe, making sure my pleated fabric was under the other piece. 

Glue the fabric

Once my fabrics were in place, I glued down the fabric under the top of the shoe and into the sides of the sole. I love this step because it is so close to the finished product and you can really see it all coming together. 

DIY canvas shoes

I am absolutely obsessed with these rickrack, block heel shoes. I just love how they turned out!

These trendy pairs of shoes were so easy and fun to make. Which pair is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

How to tie dye shoes

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Suggested materials:
  • White platform tennis shoes
  • Hemp
  • Water-resistant spray
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  • Kay Kay on Apr 30, 2021

    Wow, espadrilles & eyes were my favourites

  • Leslie Leslie on May 01, 2021

    Your shoes are lovely. Why did you use fabric glue ? E-6000 is waterproof and will withstand being used on your shoes. Just to make sure check the instructions for the fabric glue you used you may be able to wash your shoes, if not I would not wear the espadrille sneakers outside if it may rain.