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What to do with those white shoes that are always stained and dirty looking?

Paint them of course! But also using permanent markers can be fun and easy.

These crocs were white but I could not remove yellowish stains, so I used markers to disguise and made them prettier at the same time.

However, after several years, the colors where starting to fade and it was time for a change.

I decided to use acrylic white paint to to cover it all and make it really white. Then I used the marker to make a "mandala" design. They are holding up amazingly well after a couple years.

So, since the paint took so well, I also painted two other ones. The black ones are now really black with a nice "satin" shine and the brown ones are now red.

I then recently got these canvas shoes and used a pencil to draw my design and a fabric marker to outline the design.

Then, it was time to color which is the fun part. Like having a kid's coloring book. I used fabric markers.

But after I was done, I felt it wasn't enough contrast, so I decided to paint the white areas black. I love how they turned out.

All done. Like a completely different shoe icon

Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic paint   (had it)
  • Fabric markers   (had it)
  • Permanent markers   (had it)

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