Easy and Stylish DIY Tory Burch Slides

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If you want the look of stylish Tory Burch slides but don’t want to break the bank, you’ve come to the right place! I challenged myself to recreate the classic Tory Burch Love slides in an easy and affordable way, and here is the result. I hope you enjoy making these cute slides as much as I did!

Tools and materials:

  • Black Slides (recycled or new)
  • Patches
  • E6000 or similar strong adhesive
  • Glue Gun
  • Clamps
  • Wide Black Ribbon (optional)
DIY Tory Burch slides

Cut the ribbon (optional)

Get yourself a pair of black slides. They can be an old pair you’d like to recycle (like the ones I used) or a new pair from your local store. Adding black ribbon to the top of your slides gives them a more expensive look. If you like this look, measure the ribbon along the top of the slides and cut it ribbon to size. 

Make Tory Burch slides

How to make Tory Burch slides

Glue the ribbon (optional)

Once you’ve cut the ribbon, glue it onto the top of each slide using the E6000 glue. Use a dab of hot glue to hold the ribbon in place while it dries. When the glue is dry, cut off any excess ribbon along the edges of the slides.

Easy Tory Burch slides

Tory Burch slides tutorial

Add the patches

Test the layout of the letter patches before gluing them onto the slides. Once you are satisfied, glue them down with the E6000 glue. Add a dab or two of hot glue to hold the patch in place while the adhesive dries.

Clamp the patches in place

To ensure that the patches are glued down extra firmly, use clamps to hold the patches flat against the slides while the E6000 adhesive dries.

Wear with pride!

Allow 24 hours for the glue on the slides to dry completely, then slip them on and you’re ready to go! Just sit back and wait for the compliments on your Tory Burch slides to start rolling in.

I love trying new things and sharing my tutorials with you. Hopefully, you liked this easy DIY Tory Burch slides project. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Black slides
  • Patches
  • E6000
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