Easy Biker Shorts

2 Materials
15 Minutes

I have noticed that biker shorts are big again. They were popular in the 90's and now they are back. I have been wanting a pair but I didn't want to "buy" them. I am cheap and I like to refashion instead of buying new. It's less expensive and better for the environment to reuse and upcycle. (I am not even getting into unfair labor practices and human trafficking/forced labor issues in clothing manufaturing.)

Before and after.

I was going to refashion this skirt. It was a bit frumpy and baggy on me. When I tried it on I realized it was not a skirt. It was a skort! It had a nice pair of black biker shorts underneath. That got me thinking. I could get the biker shorts I had been wanting easily from this skort.

I just needed to cut away the skirt. You can see in the video that I cut as close to the seam as I could without cutting the seam itself. Knit material is so tightly woven that it will not fray so knits are fun and easy to refashion. You can leave the edges unfinished with no worries about fraying.

My biker shorts were great. They are soft and comfortable. It's like leggings for summer. I could be ready for a workout or ready for a movie marathon. No one knows if I wore these for pajamas or actually got dressed for the day. They are perfect for anything and everything.

I actually wore them to run a bunch of errands when I really wanted to stay in my pajamas at home all day. They were great for getting in and out of the car and driving around for a while. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Skort   (Swapped/Thrifted)
  • Scissors   (On hand)

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