How to Make On-Trend DIY Wrap Shorts in a Few Simple Steps

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Want to make a pair of stylish DIY wrap shorts? Then, I’ve got you covered! You’ll need stretchy fabric for this tutorial, as it will give your DIY wrap-around shorts a snug and fitted look. So, grab your sewing machine and fabric, and let’s get to it.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 yards stretchy fabric
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Iron
Marking the length of the shorts

1. Make the wrap shorts sewing pattern

The first thing you’ll mark is the length of your shorts. I marked mine at 15” across the fabric. You can decide to make yours longer or shorter, but I wanted a high-waist style. 

Cutting off the excess fabric

Now, cut out the excess fabric in a straight, neat line. 

Marking the hip measurement

Now, add 5” to your regular hip measurement. My hip measurement is 38”, and in the end, I’m marking 43”. 

Cutting across the hip measurement

Then, cut across the marked line. 

DIY wrap shorts pattern

You now have a rectangular piece to work with. Next, cut the second piece, using the first as a guide. 

Folding the fabric in half

Lay both pieces on top of each other and fold them in half, widthways. 

Marking the crotch depth

Mark 10” from the bottom. This will serve as your crotch depth. Depending on your hip meausrement, you can make your crotch depth longer or wider than 10”. For example, if your hip is 40” or more, make the crotch depth 12”. 

How to draft a DIY wrap shorts pattern

Mark 1½ “ from the bottom to the top of the crotch mark. 

Curving out the line

Curve the line when you get to the top of the crotch mark. 

Cutting along the line

Then, cut along the line. 

Pinning the crotch area

2. Secure the crotch area

Open the wrap shorts sewing pattern and pin the crotch area. It’s important to pin this area since it might move when you sew around the curved edge. 

Sewing the crotch

Sew all the way around the pinned crotch area. Ensure to take out the pins as you sew. 

How to make wrap shorts

This is what it looks like once sewn. 

Cutting out the wrap ties

3. Make the wrap tie

Measure 17” from your excess fabric and mark. Then, measure 4” wide and draw a rectangle. Then, cut. 

Use the first piece as a guide to cut out four more pieces. It’s essential to use stretchy fabric as you’ll be able to tie it securely around your waist. 

Sewing the wrap ties

Fold each piece in half and sew it along one short end and down the length of the band. Leave the other end open to turn its right sides out. 

Turning the wrap ties to the right sides

Turn the band to the right side with a long tool, like scissors or a pen. 

Pressing all four pieces

Iron all four pieces. 

Opening the shorts

Arranging the crotch seam in the middle

4. Attach the ties

Open up your shorts like a butterfly, turn them to the right sides, and arrange it so that the crotch seam is in the middle. 

Pinning the ties to the corners

Then, pin each band to every edge of the DIY wrap shorts. Each corner will have a band attached to it. 

Sewing the ties down

Now, go ahead and sew each band to the edge of the shorts. Ensure you tack over the area several times. It’s important the bands are secured really well. 

Finished DIY wrap shorts

All done! You won’t need to finish the edges. This fabric is self-finished, so it doesn’t fray. 

How to wear the DIY wrap shorts

How to wear the DIY wrap shorts

To wear the shorts, align the front part of the crotch to the middle and tie the bands together at the back. 

Tying the shorts at the back

Tying at the front

Take the belt to the front and make another knot. 

Wrapping around the back

Pass the rest of the fabric under your leg and to the back. 

Tying again at the front

Align the center part of the crotch and tie the belt in front. 

Tying at the back

Finally, pull the band back to the back side and tie a knot. 

DIY wrap shorts

DIY wrap shorts tutorial

I really love how these DIY wrap shorts turned out! So simple and easy, and the results are super stylish. Thanks for joining me in this DIY on how to make wrap-around shorts. I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration to make your own. 

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards stretchy fabric
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
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