This Simple Fall Makeup Look Takes Less Than 15 Minutes

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by Karen Lien
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Here, I’m going to show you a simple fall makeup look. Those who know me know that I like my makeup looking fabulous, but I don’t want to spend loads of time doing it. I want great results with minimum effort, and that’s what this simple fall makeup look is all about.

I'm using a cream makeup palette by SEINT, but you can use your own products to replicate the same techniques for this look.

Tools and materials:

  • Moisturizer
  • Setting spray
  • Makeup sponges
  • Makeup brushes
  • Matte palette
  • Spoolie
Prepping the face with setting spray

1. Prep your face

Put a little bit of moisturizer on my face before getting started and let that set in. To start off this look, take some setting spray and pat that on with a makeup sponge, using it kind of like a primer.

Make sure you put it on those areas of your face that might get a little oily later in the day.

Using color corrector on blemishes

2. Color correct

Apply your color corrector to those areas that are a little bit darker or highly pigmented, as well as sunspots and age spots. This is also great to color correct redness and any dark under-eye patches. I also like to put this on my eyelids because they can get a little bit orangey.

How to contour the face

3. Contour

Using a detail brush, contour your face. For your cheeks, start on the outside of your ear area and then pull the contour down and underneath your cheekbones. This will help to emphasize your bone structure. Don't bring it in any further than the outside of your eye.

On your forehead, start at the hairline area and brush down. This helps to shorten your forehead if you need it to and emphasize your eyes. To define your jawline, start underneath the ear and go underneath along your jawbone.

You also want to camouflage right underneath the chin and pull some contour color down to create a shadow.

Simple fall makeup tutorial

4. Foundation

Feather and tap your foundation color on your face. Avoid your contoured areas because the contour provides coverage and color, so you don't need to add on top of that. Now take your perfector sponge and press that color in. 

Simple fall makeup looks

5. Highlighter

Add some highlighter underneath your eyes, down in a v-shape. Also, in the center of your face to create a triangle of light.

Start in the corner of your eye and bring it down the side of your nose. Don't go up all the way underneath your lash line but come underneath and down into a triangle.

This brightens the whole center of your face and also helps to draw attention away from any under-eye puffiness. Then add a little bit to your chin.

Now, grab your perfector sponge, dampen it a little bit and use it to press your makeup into your skin; this will help to set it. Proceed to do a little bit of blending in gentle circular motions.

Fall blush colors

6. Cheek color

For cheeks, I've gone for a gorgeous, rich reddish rust tone. Tap it onto the apples of your cheeks, above that contour line. It should be darker on your cheeks and then lighter as you feather it up towards your ear. Continue to do the other cheek.

You don't want your contour to disappear completely, but you want it to be there to create a shadow and help emphasize your bone structure. Then use your perfector sponge to blend the color in and soften it.

Autumn makeup ideas

7. Illuminator

Dip the pointy end of your perfector sponge into the illuminator shade and go along the highest part of your cheekbone, right above the blush and blend it in. Also, put some on your brow bone, and a little bit down the center of your nose.

Simple fall eye makeup

8. Eyebrows

Put some contour on your brush and use it to start defining your eyebrows. Make sure you take your brow all the way out so you can extend it, especially if you have mature brows that tend to disappear on the ends.

Then you can take a spoolie and give your brows a little brush. Once done, apply some eyeshadow.

Fall eyeshadow and lip colors

9. Lip color

First, add some moisturizer to your lips, then dip a brush into the same red that you used for your cheeks and just apply it to your lips. The color is really pretty and it just pulls together the whole fall look.

Setting makeup with setting spray

10. Setting spray

Lastly, apply some setting spray. Spray it on with a couple of good pumps, take your perfector sponge and tap it in, or you can just let it air dry.

Simple fall makeup

Simple fall makeup tutorial

Here is the finished simple fall makeup look. The rusty red shade that I applied to my lips and cheeks adds warmth to the look and is perfect for this season. My skin looks smooth, my eyebrows defined, and I’m really pleased with how it all came together.

Suggested materials:
  • Moisturizer
  • Setting spray
  • Makeup sponges
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