Simple Morning Makeup Routine Tutorial

14 Materials
7 Minutes

I’m going to share with you my simple morning makeup routine, specifically for women over 40. The challenge is to use seven makeup products in just seven minutes to make you feel naturally beautiful. It’s perfect for when you simply have no time to spare or when you want to travel light. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Face wash
  • Day moisturizer
  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Taupe eye shadow
  • Wedge brush
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Peach cream blush
  • Blush brush
  • Soft cinnamon lipstick
Hair clipped back for simple morning makeup routine

1. Prep your skin

Wash, dry and moisturize your face. Apply a face primer as well. Clip back or tie your hair. Now start your timer!

2. Apply foundation

This gives the skin a polished, glowing look by evening out skin tone without looking too made-up. Take your time buffing and blending with the brush. 

Applying makeup to skin

3. Apply concealer

Here’s a concealer trick: using the concealer brush, apply the concealer to the darker parts under the eyes. Even use your finger to fully blend.

You can also cover up any age/sun spots. The trick is to now add a tiny amount to your lids and under your brows instead of using an additional eye primer. 

Concealing under eye area

4. Add color to your lids

Using an eyeshadow brush, pop a taupe color just to the socket line and slightly above it to add depth quickly and simply.

Taupe suits many skin tones and we will also use it to define our brows, saving us an additional product.

Applying eyeshadow

5. Boost your brows

Take a wedge brush and slightly darken your eyebrows. 

Boosting brows

6. Line your eyes

Use the same brush with the taupe shadow to give an eyeliner effect. Dampen it a bit and apply it just under the lashes. 

Lining eyes

7. Darken your lashes

Apply waterproof, black mascara. This makes a big difference for me since my lashes are fair. It adds definition without looking heavy. You can do just the top lashes or do the bottom ones as well.   

Adding mascara

I have two minutes to go!

8. Add color to your face 

Apply a peach blush in a teardrop shape with your fingertip and blend using a blush brush. Add a bit of bonzer on top of the blush and sweep it around your forehead and neck to even out the tone.  

Adding blush

48 seconds left of the challenge!

9. Apply lip color

I chose a soft cinnamon lipstick.

Adding lipstick

10. Touch up

Make sure everything is well blended, add more bronzer if needed and remove the clips. 

Completed simple morning makeup

Simple morning makeup routine

We’ve achieved a soft, natural makeup look in 7 minutes using just 7 products! If you’ve enjoyed this simple, morning makeup routine, please leave us a comment. Plus, we'd love to hear what topics you’re interested in for future tutorials. 

Products used:

  • Light Look Beauty Balm 01
  • Cover to Cover Concealer in 02
  • No Shimmer Eye Shade in Taupe
  • Real Radiance Blush in Peach Cream
  • Enduring Summer Bronzer
  • Lithe Lash Mascara in Black 
  •  Lustrous Colour Lipstick in Soft Cinnamon
Suggested materials:
  • Face wash
  • Day moisturizer
  • Face primer
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  • Carla Carla on Oct 03, 2022

    Definitely am going to give this a try. Lots of days I just don’t feel like doing the whole makeup routine but I won’t leave the house either. I think using this 7 minute job I’d feel ok to run errands or whatever and feel good about myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kristine Jackson Kristine Jackson on Oct 30, 2022

    Love the tips. I’ve found now that I’m 59 that just a lighter hand is good. I also do mostly skin care and only make up when I go out. My makeup collection is massive and it’s fun to pic and choose when I want a certain look. I also find that now I buy mostly high end and it looks better on older skin. Has anyone else experienced that? I love Charlotte tilbury and hourglass. Only to name a few. Lol. You look great. Thanks for sharing.