Shortening a Skirt & Saving the Hemline

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. I am in the mood to refashion a skirt. This purple silk skirt was fabulous but it wasn't fabulous on me. It was too long. I could simply hem it but look at the beaded tassels!!! I don't want to lose the beaded tassels. So, I need to shorten it from the top. Let me show you what I did.

Before and after.

Here is a better look at the skirt. It is really pretty silk fabric. And those beaded tassels are amazing. It is a little shapeless and long on me so it doesn't look as great as it deserves. (I don't know for sure if it is washable silk, but I did indeed wash it in my washing machine on the delicate cycle so... I am going to call it washable-ish.)

The skirt had a slit cut in the back so I needed to close that first.

I ironed the skirt and then turned it inside out.

I put the right sides together and lined up the edges of that slit. I stitched the 2 pieces together with my sewing machine. It will look like a basic back seam when I am done.

Here is a look at the back seam. I closed that opening in the back that I am pointing to in this picture but I was not done.

Here is a look at the front. I cut the top off the skirt. I needed it to be shorter and I did not want to cut off the beaded hemline so the waist had to go. I knew how long I wanted it to be and cut it accordingly. Any length you like is fine.

Here is the secret to comfortable waistbands. (And comfy clothing in general.) ELASTIC! I found matching purple elastic.

Here is a description of how I made the elastic waistband. 

I pinned the elastic to the skirt and I explain how I will stitch it together here.

Actual video of the sewing machine in action. This zigzag stitch attaches the elastic to the skirt and it will keep the fabric from fraying inside the elastic as well.

The elastic is visible but I like how it defines the waist. If you match the elastic to the thread the stitches don't stand out very much at all.

I liked the skirt with this ribbon sweater I made this summer. (Search my posts to see how I made it.) One of the ribbon colors is purple so I think they play well together. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Skirt   (Thrifted)
  • Matching Elastic   (Fabric Store)
  • Matching Thread   (Fabric Store)

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