How to Make a Flannel Shirt Into a Skirt: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a flannel shirt into a skirt. Plaid is one of those patterns that keeps making reappearances in high fashion. It is striking and bold, and back for this season! Making a plaid or flannel skirt is super easy to add an extra kick to your fall and winter wardrobe.

If you’ve been wanting to know how to make a flannel shirt into a skirt, here’s how to do it!

Tools and materials:

  • Extra-large men’s button-down shirt
  • Braided elastic
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Marking pen/tailor’s chalk
  • Pins
Men's flannel shirt

Take this men’s shirt to a skirt!

How to make skirt from old clothes

1. Measure your waist

Take the elastic and wrap it around your waist at the place you want the skirt to sit. Mark the spot on the elastic to cut. Set aside.

Men's shirt to skirt DIY

2. Make the pattern

Lay the shirt against your body to determine the length of the skirt. 

Marking the length of the skirt

Mark the shirt at that point for the cut line.  

Measuring the elastic for the skirt

Before you cut the shirt, make sure you have enough room for the casing for the elastic. Place your elastic on the cut line and cut 2 inches above that line. 

Cutting the body of the shirt

Start by cutting the body of the shirt. Remove the sleeves. Keep the shirt buttoned up.

Folding over the seam allowance

3. Sew the skirt

Flip the shirt inside out so the buttons are on the inside. Lay the elastic at the waistline. Fold over the extra inches of the seam allowance at the top. 

Pinning the folded elastic casing

Place pins all along the line below the elastic, making sure you leave enough room for the elastic to fit easily. Leave an open space of at least one inch to thread the elastic through in the casing you made.

Once it’s all pinned up, slide the elastic out. Sew the very edge of the casing with a straight stitch on the pinned line, taking out the pins as you go along.

Threading the elastic through the casing

4. Thread the elastic through the casing

Use a safety pin at the edge of the elastic to thread it through the casing. This helps you pull it through easily.

Use your fingers to push it through by holding the safety pin and pulling the fabric back as you advance the pin through the casing. 

Sewing the ends of the elastic together

5. Sew the elastic

Once the elastic is all the way through, you’ll have both ends of the elastic to sew together. Remove the safety pin and sew the elastic ends together with the sewing machine.

Once the elastic is sewn together, push it back into the casing. Sew the opening closed. Stretch out the elastic to even out the gathers. 

How to make a skirt out of a shirt

Flip the skirt to the right side. Your skirt is done!

DIY flannel skirt

How to make a flannel shirt into a skirt

How to make a flannel shirt into a skirt tutorial

This is such an easy sewing project. There are so many ways for you to upcycle this project to suit your own style. You can make yourself or your daughter an adorable plaid or flannel skirt out of a shirt!

Hit a thrift store and look around at the men’s and boy’s sections for an oversized shirt to recreate this project. Let me know if you made this for yourself or your daughter and how easy it was!

Suggested materials:
  • Extra-large men’s button-down shirt
  • Braided elastic
  • Scissors
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  • Karen Coyne Karen Coyne on Dec 24, 2023

    I would also sew down the front along the button placket, so it doesn’t gape open when you sit.

  • Jacquie Trundy Jacquie Trundy on Dec 24, 2023

    I would take a sleeve and make a waistband. Elastic doesn't work for a big girl. You could take one or both of the wrist cuffs and make outside pockets. I've done that on aprons.