Make an Adorable Midi Skirt Totally From Scratch With This Tutorial

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Ever had a project in mind that you were interested in trying out but were kind of too afraid to? For me, that was making a midi skirt. I’d wanted to attempt it for some time, but I was way too nervous to try. Eventually, I decided that it was time to conquer my fears, and I set to making a midi skirt with a slit from scratch. I love the way it came out, and I’m so happy with the final result. Keep reading to see my process in making this super satisfying project!

Tools and materials:

  • Ruler
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Marker
DIY midi skirt

Cut out the fabric

Once I had my sketch drawn out, I started by taking my fabric and folding it in half. Then I measured and cut out all my pieces. I had three panels for the front, all in a length of 31”. The center panel was 14.5” on one side and 7.5” on the other side. The side panels were both 3.5” on one side and 6.5” on the other side. The back of the skirt was just one piece, and the measurements were 31” in length, 14.5” on a slight curve on one side, and 27” on the other side. 

DIY midi skirt pattern

Cut out the waistband

To make the waistband, I folded over a piece of fabric, put the back piece on it, and cut out around the curve. Then I cut 3.5” all the way around. I cut out two pieces like this from fabric and an additional two pieces from my adhesive interfacing. 

How to make a midi skirt

Sew together the front panels

I took my front center panel and my two front side panels and pinned the sides together, right sides facing each other, then sewed them in place. On the right side, I sewed only halfway down so that I could do the slit. 

Sew a midi skirt

Finish the slit

With my front pieces sewed together, I had to finish the edge for the slit. So I took the edges and did a basic hem all the way around it. Then I tried to make it as square as possible. 

How to sew a midi skirt

Sew the front and back pieces

Next, I took the back piece, put the front piece on it, right sides together, and pinned the edges. I sewed the side seams but didn’t sew the whole of the left side so that I’d be able to sew in a zipper.

DIY midi skirt tutorial

Add the waistband

The next step was to iron my interfacing to the back of the waistband pieces. By holding the iron in place for ten seconds, the interfacing adhered to the fabric. Then I sewed one of the side seams together, right sides facing each other, to get one strip of fabric instead of two. I took the skirt, pinned the side seams together, and stitched the waistband to the top of the skirt. 

Midi skirt tutorial

Finish the waistband

I folded the fabric towards the waistband part of the skirt and did a topstitch right along the edge, which makes it lay flatter. On the other side of the waistband, I used a serger and then stitched it down. You can also use a basic hem, though. Next, I folded down the waistband and stitched right in the seams. This helps the waistband lay flat when wearing it. I sewed it there in the side seams and in the panel seams. 

How to make a midi skirt

Prepare the invisible zipper

I tried on the skirt to make sure I was happy with it so far, and I found that I was actually totally loving it. So I moved on to adding the invisible zipper. I did this by putting the zipper in place and folding the fabric in, then stitching it to the side seams of the zipper. Just to make it a little easier, I marked on the zipper where I was going to stitch and where the zipper ends.

How to DIY a midi

Finish the skirt

With my zipper prepared, I pinned one side of the zipper to my fabric and stitched that all the way down. I then pinned the other side and stitched that down as well. Lastly, I took the raw edges of the zipper and folded them down with a few stitches. With the skirt almost complete, I just went ahead and did a simple hem on the bottom of the skirt, where I wanted the finished length to be. 

Make your own midi skirt

Make a cute midi skirt

How to make a cute midi skirt

Wow, you guys, I LOVE the way this midi skirt came out. I was so afraid to try it, but I’m just thrilled with the results. It’s absolutely adorable, I love the slit, and the material is so fun. I seriously love this skirt way more than I thought I would. It looks great with a white cap sleeve crop top and white sneakers. I highly recommend you give this project a shot because it was a lot less scary than I expected it to be. Of course, I’d love to see your results, so be sure to drop a picture in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Ruler
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
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