Make Your Own Light and Pretty Wrap Skirt

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Today’s tutorial is how to make a wrap skirt. I chose to make mine from midweight linen and in this gorgeous lilac color so that I could enjoy it in the warmer seasons. If you ask me, this skirt is a must-have!

Tools and materials:

  • Midweight linen
  • Two hook and bars
  • Iron-on interfacing - optional
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
Wrap around skirt

Make your pattern 

The first step is to measure your waistline and your desired finished length. Simply take a tape measure, wrap it around your waist, and after that let it fall to the point on your leg where you’d like the skirt to end. Plug those two measurements into the pattern (featured above). These patterns are all super easy because they are all rectangles. 

DIY wrap skirt

How to make a wrap skirt

How to sew a wrap skirt

Wrap skirt tutorial

Cut your fabric

Prepare your fabric 

Using a tape measure and some fabric chalk, mark off your pattern pieces onto your fabric. Then grab a pair of scissors and cut out your fabric. In the end, you should be left with one big back piece, two smaller front pieces, a waistband, and two waist ties. 

Measure your cutout

Prepare the waist ties 

We want to cut the ties so that they have a nice slanted edge, To do this, fold the tie in half (like a hot dog bun) and measure five centimeters from the edge. Next, make a diagonal marking to the corner and cut out the triangle. You will need to do this cutout for one edge of each tie. 

It is at this point, that if you are including the iron-on interfacing that you would cut some out for the waistband and two ties. 

Pin the waist ties

Make the waist ties 

With the ties still folded in half, pin and sew along the slanted edge and the long edge - leaving only the shirt straight edge open. For the second tie, repeat this process, but leave a four-centimeter gap at the end of the long edge - this opening will allow us to sew the waist ties to the waistband. After sewing the tie, cut a nick in the corner so that it sits nice and flat. Next, use a safety pin to turn the ties right side out and iron the ties flat. 

Connect your skirt

Make the skirt

To make the skirt, take your two pieces of fabric and pin them together, right sides together. Next, sew the skirt using a french seam. When sewing make sure to leave a one-centimeter (or half an inch) seam allowance, and then cut that in half after it’s sewed. Next, iron down the seam and turn the fabric over so that the wrong sides are together, and pin along the seam. Sew the fabric again to enclose the first seam and when you're finished, iron the seam down again. 

Hem your skirt

Hem the skirt 

Next, we want to hem the sides and the bottom of the skirt. To do this we’re going to use a rolled hem. For a rolled hem, fold the fabric over about half a centimeter (or a quarter inch) and stitch close to the folded edge. Next, repeat the same process by folding another half a centimeter and stitch along the original stitch line all around the hemmed areas. Iron to finish. 

Gather the fabric

Gather the skirt 

Sew a line of long stitches across the fabric about half a centimeter (or a quarter of an inch) down. Do not reverse stitch at the end of the row, rather keep your string long and sew another row of long stitches. Now, use the strings hanging off the edge of the skirt to pull and gather the fabric. The idea is to gather the skirt just enough so that the end result fits the waistband. 

Pin the waistband

Attach the waistband 

Place the waistband on the skirt, right sides together, and pin it down. Next, (return your sewing machine to its regular stitch length) and sew the waistband onto the skirt with one and a half centimeter (a little over half an inch) seam allowance. 

Hem the waistband

Finish the waistband 

Take the open-ended edge of the waist ties and pin it (right sides together) to the end of the waistband. Sew together and iron flat. Next, to finish the waistband, fold over the top edge to hide the raw seams and then fold the entire thing in half until it covers the seam of the gathered edge. Pin the waistband down and sew it down as close to the seam as you can manage. 

Attach the hooks

Fit the skirt 

Take the skirt and wrap it around your waist, see where the side seams sit, and then pin the spot where you feel the skirt fits most comfortably. Next, measure your second waist tie and pin that to your skirt as well. Grab your hook and bars and pin the bar to the underneath and the hooks to the piece that wraps over. Mark your pinned points with chalk and hand sew the bars and hooks to attach them. 

Attach the second waistband

Attach the second waistband 

Fold in the raw edges of the waistband and place the tie tip facing the back of the skirt. Pin it to the marked spot and sew it down using two stitches so that you create a small rectangular shape. 

Side view of the wrap skirt

Finished wrap skirt

I hope you guys enjoyed this wrap skirt tutorial. I really enjoyed making it! If you do make this skirt, I hope you love wearing it as much as I do. It’s so comfortable and light, it’s the perfect spring bottom! 

Suggested materials:
  • Midweight linen
  • Hook and bar closure
  • Iron-on interfacing
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