Perfect the Sultry Eye Look With This Easy Smokey Eye Palette Tutorial

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Smokey eyes are sultry and sexy, but if not done right, it can look like you got punched in the face! In this smokey eye palette tutorial, I’ll show you how to do a beautiful smokey eye everyday look with the Chanel smokey eye palette.

Of course, you can use whichever smokey eye makeup products you prefer or already have at home. So, get your makeup out, and let’s create some lovely Chanel smokey eyes!

Tools and materials:

  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Setting powder
  • Light brown eyeshadow
  • Dark brown eyeshadow
  • Chanel smokey eye palette
  • Eye pencil
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Highlighter
  • Makeup brushes
  • Makeup sponge
  • Bronzer
Applying concealer to prime eyelids

1. Prep and prime your eyelids

Start with a concealer of your choice and dab it all over your eyelid.

Applying setting powder to eyelids

Next, set your concealer with a setting powder. This creates a base for us to build our smokey eye on.

Light brown eyeshadow in a palette

2. Apply transition colors

While the Chanel smokey eye palette is obviously one of the best smokey eye makeup products in terms of quality, it doesn't have a transition color, and I feel this is crucial to pull off that smokey eye look. So, grab a light brown color, as shown above.

Applying light brown eyeshadow over eyelids

Buff that color all over the crease of your eyelid. 

Medium brown color eyeshadow in a palette

Next, dip your brush into a darker matte brown, as pictured above. 

Applying brown eyeshadow to the crease

Buff that color right over the top of the first light brown color. 

Applying blackeye pencil to eyelid

3. Create a base for the smokey eye

Now, using a black eye pencil (I’m using a jumbo eye pencil from NYX), apply a little and smudge it with a smaller brush from the corner of your eyelid to the center, as shown. If you don’t do this step, the dark colors won’t have anything to build on. 

Chanel smokey eye palette

4. Create the smokey eye

Moving onto the Chanel smokey eye palette, using the darkest color.

Dabbing the darkest color onto the base

Now, dab it on the base (don’t rub it) to build up the pigment. 

How to use the Chanel smokey eye palette

Grab a small, dense, eyeshadow brush that’s perfect for detailed application, and go in with the color shown above. 

Blending the smokey eye

Then, apply it from the inside corner of your eye to the center, so it kind of “meets” the darker shade. 

How to create Chanel smokey eyes

There’s still a harsh contrast between the blackness of the eyelid to the crease and upper brow bone. To make everything blend, add a transition color from the palette.

Buffing the transition shade into the crease

So, buff that eyeshadow right in the crease. Use a buffer brush for this step so that everything blends cohesively. Gently clean your fallout after you're done. 

Tip: Do not do your base makeup until after you’ve completed this intense smokey eye tutorial. 

Applying primer

5. Do the rest of your makeup

Now that the first steps are complete, it's time to do the rest of your makeup so that your smokey eye makeup look will come to life. Start with a primer. 

Applying foundation

Then, apply foundation.

Blending concealer with a makeup sponge

Apply concealer under your eyes, then blend it in with a makeup sponge. Now, things are going to start looking a lot better!

Baking under eye makeup with setting powder

Bake under your eye with a setting powder and move onto the rest of your face to give it a chance to settle a little. 

Mousse bronzer

Add a little contouring! I use a mousse bronzer by Chanel, and it’s incredible! Add a bit to your forehead, cheek area, jawline, and chin. 

Filling in brows

Fill in your brows accordingly. 

Applying shimmer to the eyelid with fingers

6. Add shimmer to the smokey eye

Add a beautiful shimmering effect in the center of your eyelids with a light dust shimmer powder. Don’t overdo it though, you really just need to dab a little. The best way to do it is to dip your finger in it and lightly dab it on your eyes. 

Dark brown eyeshadow in a palette

7. Line the smokey eye

With a packing brush, I will continue the smokey eye effect under the eye. Just like the eyelid, we have to build up the pigment again, so go ahead and use a dark brown eyeshadow first. 

Applying eyeshadow under eyes as eyeliner

Dip your brush in the eyeshadow and apply it right under the eye. 

Applying dark eyeshadow over the brown

Now, dip your packing brush in that really dark color by Chanel again, and pack it overtop the brown eyeshadow, accordingly. 

Lining the waterline of the smokey eye

Next, go in with your jumbo eye pencil, and line the waterline. 

Lining the upper lid with liquid eyeliner

With your liquid eyeliner, line your upper eyelid. 

Applying white highlighter to the brown bone

8. Highlight the brow bone

Add a little highlighter to your brow bone with the white highlighter in the Chanel smokey eye palette. Then, gently press the highlighter to the brow bone, as shown. Also, add a little to the inner corner of your eyes.

Applying blush to cheekbones

9. Finish off the look

To balance the dramatic look of the smokey eyes, apply fake lashes and mascara. Then, add a touch of blush to your cheekbones. 

Applying lipstick

Finally, apply your favorite lipstick

Smokey eye palette tutorial

Smokey eye palette tutorial

Gorgeous, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this smokey eye palette tutorial - it's so much fun to get glammed up! Good luck with creating your own smokey eye look.

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Setting powder
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  • Dawn English Dawn English on Oct 06, 2021

    I would personally like to see how to do a smoky eye without fake eyelashes and so much of a brow treatment. Many of us do not have very thick eyebrows and have never used fake eyelashes, but we still would like to see how to do a smoky eye. Thank you

  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Oct 07, 2021

    When you said "so that is doesn't look like someone punched you in the eye" that really resonated with me. Way back before I was even 50, I read purple eyeshadow is good with brown or green eyes. I have both colors in my eyes,so I thought i'd try it. I was a 7-Eleven mgr and when I walked in to relieve the night man, he said, "OH, is that makeup, or did you get punched in the eye!" I learned to use MUCH less next time I wore eyeshadow. I also seldom use it at all now that I am 79.