How to Style a Dress for Spring

Styling dresses for spring are so easy because you can really let the dress do all the talking. All you have to do is throw on a pair of shoes, a couple of accessories, and maybe a light layer on top, and you're done. I'll be showing you some easy and effortless dresses to add to your spring wardrobe.

How to style a dress

Floral print

This first dress has a rose print all over it, it's so romantic, it's so flowy, and it has so many details. It's off-the-shoulder, and I love the loose, flowy sleeves. It is definitely a statement Spring dress. When I got this dress, I imagined wearing it to a picnic in a park with a nice wicker picnic basket. Whether or not that will actually happen, I don't know, but I did add a round wicker bag to still evoke that picnic feel. To accessorize, I added a gold chain belt around my waist, and for shoes, I'm wearing a pair of open-toed heel sandals. I love the movement of this dress and the girly, feminine aesthetic vibe it creates. 

Dress style

Statement sleeves

This is a totally different dress. It is a little on the short side, and it has a blue and white striped style to it. I love this one because it fits super comfy, and I also adore the statement ruffle sleeves. It is a great, fresh Spring dress. For shoes, I'm wearing a pair of platforms. If you're not a fan of sandals and you also don't want to wear sneakers, a pair of platforms like these shoes are perfect for you. For the bag, I just added a roomy blue tote.

Easy dress style

Sunny yellow

This next dress is similar to the last one in style, but it is in a nice, bright, bold yellow color. This dress also has statement sleeves with some ruffle detail - slightly more than the other dress. I absolutely love that - I feel like it "chics up" this dress. To accessorize, I added a headscarf. I don't wear so many headscarves, but I told myself that I wanted to try one this season, and the printed scarf that I'm wearing goes really well with the sunny yellow of the dress. If you want to accessorize a look and you're not such a fan of necklaces or belts, you can always go for a hair accessory like a scarf. For shoes, I added a pair of nude open-toe heels to really dress up this look. Lastly, I added a white clutch bag, and there we have a perfect Spring look for if you want to dress up a little bit.

Basic dress style

Cream button-down

Here we have a cream color dress; it is a maxi dress with buttons going all the way down. I love that you can keep some of the buttons on the bottom open to show a bit of leg. This dress did come with a ribbon belt that you can tie around the waist, but I wanted to go for more of a loose fit, so I'm not wearing it. As this dress is a solid color, I wanted to add a pop of excitement with some patterned shoes, so I added a pair of snakeskin slingback shoes. I added a statement bag as well with this pearl detail bucket bag.

Spring dress style

Elegant emerald

The last dress that I have for you is this nice emerald green one. I paired it with a pair of nude sandals, and on top, I'm wearing a plaid print blazer, a great layer to add to this dress, and we all know that blazers are very on-trend right now. Lastly, I have a tweed bag with some pearl detail—an elegant and chic outfit.

That’s five different dresses that you can wear this Spring - all different in color, shape, and style but all equally as beautiful as each other. My tip for you is to keep an open mind when it comes to your color palette, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only certain colors work for you as you may be limiting yourself. Play around with different colors and see what fun and fashionable outfits you can create.

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