6 Runway-Inspired Spring 2022 Outfits I Recreated With My Own Closet

Today, I’m going to "shop my closet" to recreate looks inspired by the spring 2022 outfits I've seen on the runways this season.

I love shopping my own closet because it is a great way to rebel against the overconsumption and overproduction that is rampant across the fashion industry, and it’s also just a lot of fun!

I’ve got some inspo looks from the spring 2022 runways, and I’m looking forward to creating some spring 2022 outfits using items I already have in my wardrobe.

Celine spring 2022 runway look

1. Celine's wearable & effortless trousers

This first look is by Celine. I loved their runway show because all of their looks feel very easy, wearable, and effortless. What I like about this look is that it is an interesting and easy way to wear trousers.

Before jumping into my closet to figure out how I can recreate this look, I break down these outfits into elements of style. Things like color, print, texture, and proportion, so I don’t focus so much on the fact that I don’t own those exact pieces.

In this look, there is the overall relaxed vibe, the feeling of being easy-breezy. It also feels almost undone in a way; things are kind of left hanging where there doesn’t look to be a lot of over-styling.

I also like the contrast between a baby blue striped shirt and black pants. In terms of the styling, I like that the shirt is left untucked. This is interesting to me; I find that untucked looks can be difficult to pull off without feeling too underdressed.

Everything in this look has a really soft texture. Other elements that I like are the simple and functional accessories.

How to style spring 2022 outfits

When it comes to my closet, I’m wearing a pair of black trousers that have a nice soft feel to them, a lot like that really easy structure in the inspiration image.

I paired them with a baby blue shirt that I half-tucked in. I always feel that if you’re wearing a lot of oversized items, a little bit of definition and skin showing is always good.

On my feet, I went for a pair of sandals that tie in well with the straw hat. I like how the structure of the sunglasses and the bag inject the outfit with a bit of polish in contrast to all the looser, oversized things.

Spring 2022 outfits inspired by the runway

Here, I wanted to show you what the outfit would look like with a pair of sneakers and a top that is a little bit shorter.

Instead of the structured glasses, I went with my round ones because this shirt has more structure to it and feels a little bit less loose and beachy, and I want to have that more relaxed vibe.

Balmain spring 2022 runway look

2. The sleek Balmain silhouette

Another look that I love is this really simple and sexy look from Balmain. The silhouette is clingy and fitted, something that I tend to like in the spring and summer.

I also love that it's simple all-black but has bold accessories, and the off-the-shoulder cut feels bold and interesting and makes the all-black look a little bit more dynamic.

I feel that there’s a bit of an edge to this look, probably because of the big, chunky jewelry on both wrists, and I think it just finishes off the beautiful sleek silhouette.

Spring-summer runway-inspired outfit

I’ve gone for this mother of pearl top with the really cool, exaggerated sleeves. It’s not at all like what we have in our photo, but I think that the giant sleeves can kind of mimic those big cuffs and add to the drama.

On the bottom, I went with black shorts that give me an elegant and sexy vibe. I added a belt to give the outfit some heft, and because we’re already doing something a little bit more sporty and less sexy because of the shorts, I added some low heels.

I’m not the biggest fan of this outfit, but it’s not terrible either.

How to emulate spring 2022 trends

Option two is with a long silk skirt. I’ve tucked in the top because I like waist definition. The shoes give me a bit of edge that I wouldn’t have if I went for something more delicate and dainty.

I finished the look off with some minimal hoop earrings which kind of mimic the big, bold cuffs that the model has on her wrists.

Etro spring 2022 runway look

3. Etro's maximalist prints

Finally, I chose this look from Etro. I love the prints and, again, that mix of ease and structure with this look.

If I dive into some of the other elements of style that are present, the first word that I think of is maximalism. It’s a lot for the eye to take in; it’s a lot of print.

But it’s also got a very tonal palette, there aren’t too many high contrasts, and the focus is really on the print. So ultimately, it’s pretty easy on the eyes.

I like the slouch in the pants and structure in the blazer, and I like the half-and-half proportion that is happening here. The pants aren’t too high, nor are they sitting too low on the waist.

Another styling element that I’ve noticed here is that all of the pieces, with the exception of the top underneath, have a lot of breathing room. The pieces aren’t necessarily oversized, but the fit is definitely relaxed.

Outfit inspired by the Etro spring-summer runway

When I saw this look, it inspired me to find a way to use my printed scarf.

Something else that this look made me think of in my own closet is my faux-leather jogging pants. No, they do not have embroidered print on the knees, but they do have that interesting slouchy kind of texture and feel to them and overall silhouette. They’re not a wide-leg, but I think that slouchy silhouette is really what I’m after.

I tied my scarf as a top; it looks great and has a lot of volume to it. Because the inspiration look is pretty wild with a lot going on, I added my own maximalist element via these hoop earrings.

What to wear for spring 2022

The cream pants didn’t look good with the blazer because there are too many shades of cream. So I decided to switch the pants for my high-waisted, wide-leg jeans, which give a bit of a grounding color to the outfit.

I love the way the volume matches the volume of the top, but we’ve still got some good definition.

How to recreate spring 2022 outfits from the runway

I love taking inspiration from the runway and then attempting to recreate those looks using the clothes that I already own.

I hope you enjoyed shopping my closet with me to create some spring 2022 outfits, and that you'll take inspiration from your favorite designers and this season's trends to recreate looks with your own wardrobe.

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