How to Dress for Spring When It’s Still Cold Outside

Kastle W
by Kastle W

As soon as March rolls around, everyone starts talking about spring. In some areas, the weather is warming and the grass is turning green, but in others, it’s still winter. I have to admit when the slightest tease of spring comes, the urge to bust out sweet, bright and pastel colors and floral prints is undeniable. But what to do if it’s still cold outside?

Where I live, winter and snowfall can continue through April and I hate missing out on wearing bright springy outfits. So I started collecting some warm clothes in fun spring colors and saving them just for this in-between-time when I want to dress festive as a flower but still need to keep warm. Here are some ideas for how to dress for spring when it’s still cold outside.

Floral Dress with a Bright Crewneck Sweater

Floral print dresses in bright colors are meant for spring. But if it’s still too cold to wear them on their own, get a crewneck sweater in a bright matching color to put over it. A light scarf in another spring color is also a good option to accessorize and add even more color.  Shop floral dresses.

I always have trouble figuring out how to keep my legs warm without resorting to generic black tights or leggings, which can really bog down a springtime look. So I found some ribbed tights in ivory to keep the outfit colors light and still keep me warm. For more leg-warming ideas that aren’t black, see my  previous article.

Shoes for this look are also a challenge. It’s too cold for open toes or flats, so some booties in a light color like these ivory ones work well.  Shop booties in fun colors.

Summer Dress with A Cardigan

I miss my summer dresses in the winter but you can still wear them if you pair them with a sweater. This floral cardigan is perfect for spring and to wear over a summer dress with shoulder straps. A little hint of the dress’s sweetheart neckline peeks through the top of the scoop-neck sweater. On my legs, I’m wearing some thick leggings in a color that matches the sweater print. And I added some fun floral-print combat boots to give the look a playful, springtime vibe that still keeps my feet warm and dry.  Shop cardigan sweaters.

Blouse and Bright Jeans

Jeans are always a year-round staple but in spring, opt for a bright color like pink to really make a statement. For light floral blouses you can’t wait to wear, put a turtleneck underneath to stay warm during chilly spring days. And don’t forget about hats. They’ll keep you toasty and add to your spring look if you choose one in a fun color like this furry pink bucket hat.  Shop colorful fuzzy bucket hats.

Spring Dress With a Coat

Another option for wearing summer dresses is to put a coat over them. I have a couple of light coats in spring colors that are perfect for this cold spring time of year. Here, I went for a monochrome look in this spring’s hot color of yellow (See more on how to create yellow looks for spring in  my recent article.) This yellow spaghetti-strap dress is still wearable with a bright coat over it. And I grounded the look with a leather belt and matching boots. Note that tall boots will help keep your legs warm when wearing dresses.  Shop light, bright coats.

Now that you have some ideas on how to dress for spring when it’s still cold outside, which look will you try?

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