How To Dress Like The Women Of Daisy Jones and the Six

Are you obsessed with the Amazon show Daisy Jones and the Six? I’ve been binge-watching it for the rock ‘n’ roll storyline and the fashion! So much great 1970s vintage style! And I love how each of the female characters has their own look that holds true to the era and looks real and rough around the edges, not costumey.

Of course, a show on Amazon has to come with shopping opportunities, not only for the book the show is based on, but also to recreate similar looks inspired by several lead characters. Check it out here.

If that’s not enough, they also partnered with Free People for a Daisy Jones Collection.

Since I’ve been diving into ‘70s vintage fashion lately in my personal collection, I had to attempt to recreate some of the looks of the main female characters from my own closet and share insight into the style choices so you can get the look too!

Here’s how to dress like the women of Daisy Jones and the Six:


Singer/songwriter Daisy Jones is a free spirit. She does her own thing - often headstrong and sometimes self-destructive. She’s a counterculture rebel and determined to succeed in an era when women weren’t viewed as rock stars. Her style is ethereal but edgy, with flowing tops over halters, tank tops, short shorts and high boots. Flowy dusters, caftans and kimonos are signature pieces of her look. I recreated it here with a light cotton floral duster. Since I’m uncomfortable in halter tops and short shorts, I wore a flesh-colored tank top and colored tights under the shorts. Of course, the big gold hoop earrings and tall leather boots are a must for Daisy’s look. Shopping tip: kimono-style swimsuit cover-ups can double as a Daisy-style top!  Shop dusters.


Keyboardist Karen is a cool rock ‘n’ roller dressed in black. She’s a quiet contributor to the band who wants to be seen as a professional musician, not a girlfriend or groupie of the music scene. Her style pulls from Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and ‘70s glam with vests, sheer tops over black tanks, rich velvet blazers, bell bottom pants and choker necklaces. I recreated her look here with a vintage black pin-striped vest. Instead of big bell jeans, which can look a little comical, I went for a boot-cut with a subtle flair and sleek look. I punctuated the outfit with a vintage concho chain belt, which all the ladies of the Six occasionally sport.  Shop women’s waistcoat vests.


Aspiring disco queen Simone goes through a style transition during her journey from unknown singer to dance-world star. Her personal style is all about A-line mini skirts with high boots topped with mid-drift-baring tops and dangle earrings. Her storyline follows her journey through the music scene as a black and queer female and Daisy’s best friend trying to find her own way. I recreated her look with a faux fur vest worn over a nude tank top for a flash of flesh-color that isn’t so skin-baring. I paired it with an A-line corduroy mini and vintage high heeled, knee-high black leather boots.  Shop A-line mini skirt.


As the rock star's wife, Camila goes through the biggest style transition of the show. Going from Ali MacGraw-inspired girlfriend of the lead singer, to sweet flower child-inspired boho peasant dresses to all-out Bianca Jagger rock star wife chic as she finds her own inner strength to put up with her husband’s antics. I recreated her early look in a classic ‘70s striped turtleneck and vintage maxi wrap skirt with chunky leather sandals.  Shop maxi skirt.

So there you have it. Which lady in the show do you identify with? I like them all! And it was so much fun to recreate these distinct style looks. Shout-out to costume designer  Denise Wingate!

Now that you know how to dress like the women of Daisy Jones and the Six, which one will you try?

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