6 Fashion Hacks to Find Your Personal Style

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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If you look at your wardrobe and you don’t like what you see, that means it’s not truly representing you!

Follow along for some useful fashion hacks to help you look polished and put together within your own style.

Organizing closet

Knowing the vibe you want to create will help you reach your personal style, and this is true regarding every piece you own.

Every piece in your wardrobe should have a function. For example, you could wear slouchy jeans and a sweater:

Outfit idea

Or throw on a statement piece to look like you, but completely elevated. Every piece is intentional this way: 

Outfit idea

1. Foundation

A solid foundation to your wardrobe will anchor your style. But what makes a good foundation? It should be both basic (like a classic button down and jeans) and inextricably you. 

For example, you could start with a basic, cotton dress in a color that suits your taste. It’s basic yet elevated:

Foundation piece

Then add more color or keep it neutral:

Adding accessories

Use bold accessories, or keep it classic:


Adding accessories

Another example is leather trousers. Leather instantly evokes an elevated feel, if that’s what you’re craving.

This tailored pair acts as an anchor and provides texture. 

Leather pants

Take this look to the next level by adding even more texture or color. You can also simplify it by sticking to neutrals.

Leather pants

2. Trends

Trendy fashion has a purpose and can show that your style is current. But it’s crucial to know which trends to follow versus which to pass on if they don’t suit you. 

3. Personal style  

Think about your fashion pieces as tools to evoke emotion. You don’t need to strictly stick to dressing your age, for a certain event or season etc. What’s important is to always dress like yourself. 

This doesn’t mean to wear a tulle skirt to the grocery store! Be aware of what makes you feel best, within reason: sweatpants evoke chill, a little black dress can feel corporate or sexy, etc. 

Outfit idea

Wear each item whenever you want to evoke the feeling that it embodies.

Maybe you own a dress that you love and always wear to work: 

Outfit idea

Think of ways that you can dress it down to make it appropriate for other settings, but still showcasing your personality. 

Outfit idea

Go with styles that speak to you, and if you second guess yourself, that means it’s time to reevaluate whether or not that trend suits you. 

4. Proportion

Proportion is one of the most important elements of style. Know what proportions are flattering for you.

If you wear something that’s too fitted all over, it might look too “pedestrian”. 

Outfit idea

On the other hand, overdoing volume can look overwhelming. 

Outfit idea

For balance, consider an outfit that has some volume, parts that are fitted and also some skin showing.

For example, I love wide-leg pants and I always pair them with a slim-fitting top for a balanced silhouette. 

Outfit idea

My personal touch comes in the form of white shoes, whose purpose is to brighten the outfit.

My vibe is all about modernity and femininity. Find your vibe and insert it into every outfit!

Outfit idea

5. Color

When putting together outfits, think about color in a psychological way.

What mood do you want to create with your outfit through the colors?

Feel free to reject set notions about color, like certain colors going with particular seasons. 

Outfit idea

6. Variety

Everyone should have variety in their wardrobe because as people, we have nuances, and so should our clothing.

For example, if I own a dozen white shirts, they are all different: one is slightly oversized, one has a detachable bow, another is peplum etc.

Outfit idea

Fashion hacks

Those were a few of my top fashion hacks to help you look polished and put together while staying true to your personal style.

I hope they will help you to navigate your wardrobe with ease and confidence! Next, check out my easy tips on how to accessorize an outfit.

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