How To Use the 3 Word Method To Find Your Personal Style

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Have you ever encountered a woman who effortlessly catches your eye, whether it's on the sidewalk or Instagram, and you can't quite pinpoint what makes her style stand out?

It's not about flashy logos or animal prints; it's about something deeper. Her style exudes confidence and effortlessness, and it tells you who she is, not where she shops or who she imitates. This woman embodies everyone's dream of effortless style, and we all aspire to be a little more like her.

In this guide, we'll explore the 3 word method for style. This method will help you discover your unique style and build a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality and preferences.

Looking at outfit inspiration online

The search for effortless style

Effortless style isn't about overthinking your outfit choices or tearing your room apart every morning.

It's about having a concise, workable wardrobe that brings you joy and works hard for you. Achieving this balance isn't easy, but it's entirely possible.

Introducing the 3 word method for style

The key to unlocking your personal style lies in understanding yourself. Alice Bornstein, a stylist, introduced the concept of the 3 words method. It's a simple but effective way to delve into your unique style preferences.

By identifying the three words that best describe your style, you gain clarity about what truly resonates with you.

Why three words?

Humans are multifaceted, and our styles reflect this complexity. By selecting three words, you can steer your style in a direction that's uniquely you.

These three words become the foundation of your personal style, helping you choose outfits, build a wardrobe, and shop more efficiently.

Word list

Describing your style

Your style can encompass a wide range of adjectives, and it's essential to find the three that resonate with you the most.

Words like "cool," "polished," "feminine," "colorful," "minimalist," "quirky," and "effortless" are just a few examples.

These words encapsulate the essence of your style and provide a sense of direction.

Using your three words

Your first two words become your style's foundation and anchor, while the third word helps you steer your style towards your desired outcome.

If, for instance, your three words are "classic," "elevated," and "sexy," you can use these descriptors as a checklist when composing outfits and selecting clothing items.

Outfit idea

Building a wardrobe that reflects you

A curated wardrobe should embody your three words. When shopping, composing outfits, or staring at your closet, use your three words as a guide.

This approach ensures that each piece resonates with your personal style, reducing the chances of purchasing items that don't align with your fashion goals.

Outfit idea

Don't be bound by labels

Your style should be a reflection of who you are, not constrained by labels or trends.

Focus on balance, your surroundings, and the mood of the occasion when choosing your outfits.

A black dress can work year-round, but the specific style should match the environment and event.

Getting dressed

The art of repeating dressing

Embrace the art of repeating dressing. Don't feel guilty about wearing your favorite pieces multiple times.

Your personal style is all about projecting your mood, and it's already in your closet waiting to be expressed.

3 word method for style

Incorporating 3 words method into your fashion journey will provide you with a compass that continually points you in the direction of your desired style.

It helps you communicate your personal style with confidence and ease, ultimately allowing you to become the best version of yourself through your wardrobe.

So, the next time you find yourself tempted by the latest trend or copying someone else's style, remember your three words.

Your personal style should be as unique as you are, and this method will help you stay true to yourself.

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