7 Hot Tips to Pull Off Interesting Outfit Color Combos

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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In this style guide, I’m going to show you how stylish women wear color.

Color is one of my favorite elements of style and I can’t wait to show you these outfit color combos.

Let’s jump on in!

Outfit color combo idea

1. Pop of color

Adding one single pop of color to be the focal point can reset the focus and make the look more interesting.

Outfit color combo idea

2. Creating contrast

The bigger the contrast the more dramatic the result.

Outfit color combo idea

3. The rule of three

In art, everything works best in three parts.

So two pops of color divide the attention whereas three or more, as counterintuitive as it may sound, make a more settled and cohesive look.

Outfit color combo idea

4. Color blocking

Complementary combinations bring together both warm and cool and often lighter and darker colors.

A green that has blue to it is complimentary to orange, when seen next to each other they create an unusual yet pleasant color block.

Outfit color combo idea

5. Secondary colors

Another great color blocking is olive green and burgundy.

Secondary colors are easier to wear than primary colors because they are less extreme and bold. They convey refinement and elegance all in one outfit.

Outfit color combo idea

The next addition of color would be one that contrasts with the burgundy pants like a lime shoe for example.

Outfit color combo idea

6. Tonal looks

Conversely, an outfit composed of neutrals that belong to the same family color is definitely a story worth telling.

It's not only interesting but it's really easy to pull off but in order for it to work you have to think about texture and different depths of neutrals.

Here, the leather pants provide some texture as do the black sequins on the shoes.

Outfit color combo idea

7. Playing with greens

A monochromatic outfit composed of greens might include tints of moss, kelly green, and military green.

Again, it's good to play with different fabrics, like a silk shirt underneath a pleated jacket and wool pants.

Outfit color combos

I hope you found this style guide on how to wear colors helpful! Apply these principles next time you’re looking to put together a winning look and you won’t go wrong!

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