Ways to Put Boho Style in Your Look

Boho style is a fashion trend that's been around for a few decades now, born out of the 1990's counterculture grunge style and made chic in the early 2000s when stars such as actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss began sporting the look. It became a classic look for summer music festivals, now known as "festival wear," for its carefree vibe and nod to fashions worn by those who attended Woodstock.

The term "boho," technically translates from the French word "bohemian" or "Romani Gypsy" from Bohemia (now the western part of the Czech Republic). In American culture, it's become synonymous with a certain look that pulls from styles of the late 1960s and 1970s to represent a free-spirited, artistic lifestyle. Another word to call it might be hippie or flower child. But if you say "boho" to almost anyone these days, a certain image comes to mind for both fashion and home décor.

Boho style is versatile in that it can work for most seasons. It's great for layering in spring and fall and easy breezy for summertime. So if you want to try incorporating a little into your wardrobe, here are some ways to put boho style in your look:

Boho Hat – Wide Brim and Floppy

A wide-brim floppy hat like this one in felt can give almost any outfit a classic boho vibe. It's stylish, keeps the sun off your face and instantly makes a statement.

Boho Accessories - Layered Necklaces

Whether you love dainty jewelry such as thin chain necklaces, bracelets and small rings or chunky jewelry such as large pendants, cuff bracelets and cocktail rings, the key to giving it that boho look is to layer it on. Put together pieces that display in a balanced way but still look carefree. Pull necklaces of different lengths so they hang with enough space between them that you can see the details. Look for jewelry with an antique finish to give a vintage look and anything with ornate metalwork, stones, beads or gems.

Boho Accessories – Vintage Tooled Leather

Leather is a big part of the boho aesthetic and nowadays vegan or faux leather might be a better fit with a more organic, animal-friendly image. But back in the '60s and '70s, it was hard to find a hippie who wasn't wearing a fringed leather jacket or vest, some wrist cuffs and a tooled leather purse, perhaps with tiny flowers. This purse came from a vintage market and the wrist cuff was repurposed from a vintage belt.

Boho Clothing – Anything Embroidered

Little flowers and vines threaded onto blouses, jackets and jeans embody the boho spirit of artistry and creativity. Peasant blouses are quite popular boho wear for the ornate embroidery they can feature and jackets long or short make terrific layering pieces.

Boho Clothing – Let it Flow

Bell-shaped or bat-winged sleeves are a classic boho silhouette giving you a flowing, free-spirited look. They can also help make a dramatic entrance! Kimonos and dusters layered over an outfit also can give you that flow. If you have trouble knowing what to wear it with, you can't go wrong with your classic denim jeans or skirts.

So now that you know a few key pieces that makeup boho style, which one will you try first?

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