14 Thrifted Items That Make Up a Chic Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Josy Bun
by Josy Bun

Welcome to this style guide where I will be showing you my winter capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is cultivated to avoid decision fatigue. Most, if not all, of the pieces are supposed to be perfectly interchangeable, all within similar, neutral color families.

Capsule wardrobes are minimalist and sustainable as well as self-serving because they save you money and physical space in your closet.


How to put together a winter casual capsule wardrobe

1. Striped sweater

This beautiful ribbed neck sweater was an amazing find because who doesn’t love a striped sweater in the wintertime?

The slight bishop sleeve makes the sweater a little more visually interesting than just a regular striped sweater. The slight mock neck is also really flattering. 

Brown sweater in a winter capsule wardrobe

2. Brown sweater

I included this sweater for its spice brown tone to eject a warm color into the capsule. I love a good ribbed knit as well; this sweater has quite a wide knit.

I also really like that the sweater is a bit of a boxy fit too. I think that the width really complements the shorter hemline.

Capsule wardrobe checklist for winter

3. Gray sweater

Next is a beautiful stone-gray sweater with a really defined ribbed pattern. It is 100% cotton, so very cozy, and I love how sleek it looks layered underneath my coats.

Winter capsule wardrobe ideas

4. Dark gray sweater

This dark gray sweater is a go-to of mine, and I can not get over how gorgeous it looks tied up at the waist. This piece is so modern and chic, and I think it's a great building block for a collection like this.

It is also really high quality, and I think that’s really the core of every capsule wardrobe - quality over quantity. 

Beige cable knit sweater

5. Cable knit sweater

This beautiful tanned cable knit is a fisherman-inspired sweater. It’s beige in color, and it is a nice thick cotton material.

I love the fullness of the neck on this sweater; it gives it just a little more of a luxurious feeling when it pokes out above a coat lapel.

As I stuck to a neutral color palette with my capsule wardrobe, I wanted to make sure that every sweater I included had something a little bit special about it. 

How to make a winter capsule wardrobe with thrifted items

6. Gold detail

I picked this piece specifically for its neutral color palette combined with these finer details and sort of flashier look.

I feel like a lot of many people think that things in a capsule wardrobe have to be excruciatingly boring in order to match everything else, but this sweater is here to prove them wrong.

This sweater goes with every single bottom in my entire closet. 

Sleeveless sweater as a layering piece

7. Sleeveless

I wanted to include this last piece at the tail end of sweaters because it’s not quite a sweater, but it is another great layering piece. 


Leather coat for the winter capsule wardrobe

8. Leather coat

The color of this full-length tan jacket is so rich and wonderful. It pairs so nicely with my brown and warmer-toned items.

It is really easy to style because of how blank a canvas it is while also being such a nice material and quality that it elevates whatever is underneath it. Even with just a white tee and jeans, this would look phenomenal.

How to thrift for your winter capsule wardrobe

9. Wool coat

I also have two wool coats in this collection. The first is this beautiful chunky oversized chocolate brown. I love this coat because it’s by far the warmest in this collection and it’s so sophisticated.

Also, I love an oversized long coat; it makes me feel like those dainty little old-school Hollywood movie stars with those oversized wraps.

Because it’s the tiniest bit large for me, I can layer up with my bulkier pieces underneath it.

Key pieces to include in a winter capsule wardrobe

10. Grid-pattern

The cream and pinkish-mauve grid pattern on this coat feels exceptionally modern, considering this is a vintage piece.

I think that the coat is much softer and girlier than my other options, so I like that element. It works really well with white and other light colors underneath it.

Gray plaid wool coat

11. Gray plaid

Next, we have a plaid number. It’s long and warm, and there’s great movement when I walk.

The dark color and tightness of the pattern make it a perfect neutral while also offering just a little bit of visual interest that won't compete with anything more dramatic that you layer underneath.

I think that the easiest way to do pattern mixing in your outfit is to include pieces like this where it’s not so over the top that from afar, it looks printed. 


Leather skirt as a versatile wardrobe essential

12. Leather skirt

For bottoms, one of my most versatile wardrobe essentials is a black leather skirt. I like a little bit of edge to my outfits, and leather is a really easy way to achieve that.

I like to go for real leather because it really locks in body heat and actually insulates you during colder months while looking extremely upscale and expensive. 

Thrifted winter capsule wardrobe

13. Plaid skirt

This black and white plaid skirt can pair well with whatever you put it with, and it’s so thick and durable and comfortable.

It’s one of those wrap skirts that buttons at the front, and I love that I can opt to show a little more leg or leave it as a full-length skirt, depending on where I let the skirt lay on my frame.

The bold print makes it so wow with the other prints, while the black and white color palette pairs well with everything else.

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit ideas

14. Printed dress

This black and white pleated skirt is actually the bottom of a dress that I’ve gone ahead and layered over the top of.

I really love taking a summery dress and putting things over the top of it, and suddenly it’s winter-friendly.

Winter capsule wardrobe

There we have my winter capsule wardrobe. I hope that this style guide has given you some inspiration for how to put a capsule wardrobe together for yourself!

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