My Sabrina Spellman Inspired Look

Caley Vitella
by Caley Vitella
I am completely obsessed with the Netflix show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina...but more than that, I am completely obsessed with her wardrobe! I decided to recreate one of my favorite Sabrina looks from season 1, and I made a whole video documenting the process just in case you'd like to try your hand at making one for yourself!
(Links for all of the patterns and fabrics are linked in the video description on my YouTube channel. You can view them here.)
What really struck me about this outfit was the wearability. I looked at it and thought “I wish I could dress like that every day!” and immediately followed it up with “…wait, why can’t I?” There’s nothing all that out-of-the-ordinary about this look. As a matter of fact, it’s timeless and comprised of wardrobe staples - a fitted skirt, and a mock-neck top. Shouldn’t be too hard to find it for myself, right? Wrong! For some reason, when I tried shopping for this look, it was actually pretty challenging to find these pieces. I’ve worked retail for years, so my leading theory is that, because this outfit is made of staple pieces, they’re not stocked through all seasons or in large quantities. Shelf space is usually reserved for what’s in now, i.e. trends. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I wanted this outfit, I’d have to make it myself.
Overall, I am so happy with how this look turned out. It’s timeless, easy to wear, but also fun, cute, and perfect for my own personal eternal fall. Mostly, I love that it isn’t a chore to wear. The fabrics are comfortable and easy-to-move-in. I didn’t have to pull at my skirt to stop it riding up, or feel a tight pull across my shoulders whenever I lift up my arms. It’s a put-together outfit that feels like a second skin…exactly what I think our clothing should feel like.
Who’s outfit would you recreate for your everyday wardrobe? If you decide to try this little fashion experiment for yourself, make sure to use the hashtag so I can follow along and we can get inspired by your makes! In the meantime, I’ve already started making plans for my next BSML, and I am so excited to share them with you soon! What outfit do you think I should reimagine next? Let me know in the comments!-XOX-Caley

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