4 Outfits That I Love to Wear on Vacation!

Melissa Duncan
by Melissa Duncan

I take vacation outfits very seriously ;) Not only do I want to feel cute, but I also need to save precious room in my suitcase. I always make it a point to try on outfits and choose them in advance rather than randomly throwing a bunch of items in my suitcase and deciding when I'm there. Because of this, I've found a couple outfits and staple items that I find myself packing time and time again.

Here, I'll give you 4 outfit ideas to pack on your next vacation!

Please note that these items are all staples that I've had in my closet for quite some time and links to purchase are not available anymore. However, I hope they give you the inspiration you need to either shop your closet or in-store for your next trip.

Let's talk airport looks. I ALWAYS prefer to prioritize comfort. I loved styling this easy biker shorts and tee outfit. I tied a sweater around my waist incase I got cold and BONUS, I'm saving room in my suitcase by wearing my sweater on my waist rather than packing it in my suitcase. Wear this look with leggings if you live somewhere cooler and remember that a monochromatic look always elevates your outfit!

I love being festive so if I'm going somewhere tropical, I always like to pack at least one "on theme" outfit. I absolutely adore the classic collar on this wrap dress. The bold red color is beautiful and the print is perfect to wear during summer months.

I pack this outfit on every vacation. The black cotton dress is SO comfortable, especially if I'm going to be indulging in lots of local food. A denim jacket goes with everything, so it's a no brainer when it comes to packing. This look is not only comfortable, but it is timeless and you will get away with wearing it in any city.

Last is your favorite pair of high waisted, wide leg jeans and a tucked in tank. I find myself wearing this look time and time again because it is effortless and always looks so classic and cool. I will usually wear this when I'm walking around, exploring a city or to brunch/lunch.

I hope this inspired you and gave you some guidance when packing for your next vacation.

Happy Styling!


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