How to Get a Rocker Chic Look

Kastle W
by Kastle W

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Rocker style never seems to go out of style because it’s always cool to look a little tough and like you could be in a band. But you don’t have to be Joan Jett and have a full-on bad girl vibe. A few clothing items or accessories can be enough to give you that edge without feeling like you’re in costume.

Here are some easy ways to get a rocker chic look.

Band T-shirt

Some say you should stop wearing band t-shirts when you get older, but I say, “why?” We never stop loving music and the bands we were passionate about in our younger years are probably the bands we’ll love forever. So why not tell the world? Band tees are so easy to pair with anything – jeans, skirts, pants. You can juxtapose them under a more formal blazer to add that rocker chic style with your own personality.   Shop here.

Leopard Print

Any animal print brings a little edge to your outfit but none works quite like leopard print. Long the chosen print of rock stars and bad girls, leopard print speaks volumes on an outfit, and many say it’s a neutral because of the basic tan, black and white colors in the print. Meow!   Shop here.

Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is the ultimate rocker chic accessory for its toughness. Remember  Fonzie never took his off? You can get them in all kinds of materials and colors, but black and leather is always the most rocker look.   Shop here.


Studs and zippers are a great way to add a rocker edge to an outfit. Look for clothes with silver zips that call back to the punk rock era and belts with any kind of studs. You can also   DIY studs on your clothes if you’re feeling crafty.   Shop here.

So now that you know how to add some rocker chic style to your look, which one will you try first?

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