What You're Doing Wrong With Your Bra: Easy Bra Hacks

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In this video, Youtube Channel, Glamrs by Purplle, discusses the common mistakes women make with their bras and offers solutions for a pain-free bra experience.

Stay tuned for the best bra hacks and tips!

1. How to wear your bra

The video emphasizes that bras, when worn correctly, can enhance one's body and outfit, but if worn incorrectly, they can cause discomfort and suffocation.

Glamrs by Purplle encourages their viewers to hook their new bras at the last hook and gradually tighten as the bra wears off, ensuring a perfect fit and longevity.

2. How to choose your bra

The video advises choosing bras based on the desired look and comfort for specific outfits.

For example, a versatile multi-way bra is ideal for low-back outfits, while wireless molded bras are great for long events like dancing at a sangeet function.

Backless bras are recommended for achieving an invisible look, and seamless bras work well with thin and clingy fabrics.

3. Clean your bra regularly

The importance of cleaning bras regularly is emphasized since they are in direct contact with the skin.

However, it is also noted that bras contain elasticity and need at least a day to breathe and regain their original shape. Overstraining the fibers through frequent washing can cause bras to wear out quickly.


4. Avoid tight bras

Tight bras are discouraged for breast health, as they can cause discomfort, restrict blood circulation, and impair lymph tissues.

To address this issue, the video suggests using a paperclip as a spacer or a bra extender to increase the width of the bra band and make it more comfortable.

5. Extra tips: Pilling, strap fit, and bra lifespan

The video also touches on other topics such as pilling and sweat-related rashes, emphasizing the importance of using a razor to gently remove excess fabric.

Proper strap fit is highlighted, with the recommendation to ensure that straps are loose enough for two fingers to glide through, avoiding blisters, rashes, and slippage.

Glamrs by Purplle reminds viewers that bras have a lifespan of 8-9 months and holding onto old ones can negatively impact posture, blood circulation, and breast shape. It is advised to replace bras when necessary.

6. Wear sports bras for exercise

Lastly, the video emphasizes the need for sports bras during exercise, as they provide the necessary support and bounce control.

Sports bras are designed with more stretch and sweat absorption capabilities, promoting better skin and breast health.

Glamrs by Purplle offers valuable insights into common mistakes regarding bra usage and provides practical solutions for a comfortable and supportive experience.

Viewers are encouraged to follow the do's and don'ts highlighted in the video to ensure they wear their bras correctly!

Easy bra hacks

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    How about hints to keep bra straps from slipping off shoulders? For some unknown reason I always have 1 strap that slips off. (Maybe one shoulder lower than the other?) No matter the style, 1 strap slides off. Halter or racing back bras not an issue but I dont want to wear that style every day.